How To Write A Thank You Note After Interview

What next after you have just given a job interview? Yes, a note of gratitude and you must be wondering what to write and the first thing you do is google that. Whether you like or not, a thank you note after interview is essential, be it an informational interview or a regular job interview, you must send a thank-you note. To know more about it, keep reading this blog at career advice.

The fact is that you need to be grateful towards the person’s time, and it is a courtesy to let them know. Another reason is that this would let the interviewer know about your passion and patience for the job.

According to a survey, approximately 22 percent of employers are not keen to hire a candidate if they don’t send a thank you note after interview. 56% says that it shows that the candidate isn’t actually serious about the position, and about 86% says it shows lack of follow back.

Will an email be sufficient?

An email of gratitude within 24 hours of the interview is very essential. Not sending an email—if you are interested in the job profile or not shows you being unprofessional. By sending a thank you note after interview, you remain fresh in the mind of the interviewer and the management team. This creates an impression. According to a survey, 89 percent is of the opinion of email method of sending a thank you note after interview.

Next question if the hiring manager appreciates little more effort, some more effort in showing your gratefulness. There is always a better chance to be outstanding by being little more unique. Several interviewers, adore the effort and practice of handwritten notes, so that could be an alternative and a better idea, only you need to have neat and readable writing.

Another good tip is that if you could convey your gratitude with your personalised stationary over a common thank you card. It shows your rare professionalism which not common among youngsters. This gesture would reaffirm your mindfulness, professionalism, and excitement over the job.

Another good solution, better than a common email, is a speedy Paperless Post. With simple design and reflective message, this will make you memorable.

What to send in thank you note after an interview?

Whatever you send, be an or a hand written one, the message is more important. The hiring managers see how genuine you are and the key to it is a personalised message; not just copied from the web or any common tagline. In case situation is that you have to sendnotes to several people in an organisation, make it sure that they do not appear copy and paste option.

And the final thing is that you have to be sure about any spelling mistake and grammatical error. Such things are a big no. You need to do good proofreading. Typing errors or grammar mistakes definitely reduce your chances instead of enhancing.

Writing a letter of gratitude after a job interview is really a good idea. Rather some interviewers think lesser about candidates who do not follow-up instant.

To send a thank you note after interview is quite easy and a good idea and with an email, a hand written note, or a formal letter, you can opt for any of the ways. If you take that time to express your gratitude this would leave a good impression in the mind of an interviewer.

With this, we finish our today’s discussion on career guidance tips for the day. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance, news, and updates.

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