Why Should We Hire You?

There are many job vacancies for freshers, so be prepared to face the job interview with different kinds of question. One of the very common question is Why should we hire you? For answering this question you need to understand the basic need of the employer, job profile, your skills and then give a diplomatic answer with respect to the benefit of the company. Just read on to know more:

1) Question Meaning:

This question actually means if we hire you for instance what good can you do for us? What is your specialty? How are you different from other candidates? So here you need to express your skills with a proof. Consider yourself like a product and start selling yourself.

2) Create a statement; quite attractive for your sale:

The more appropriate details you give the more you will be convincing. You should give details about your previous achievements if possible along with proofs and numerical data. Which will help you to get a secured job.

3) What makes you special?

This is a question regarding what can you do for us? Mention your skills and explain them how your skills can benefit the organization. Understand the stress given by the employer with respect to your job profile. Prepare or think of two or three qualities your employer is looking for and tell the same. At the same do not hide your actual personal traits too, it shows your confidence level.

4) How you are different from others?

You really need to do a homework and not from an interview point of view but for your own self to actually where do you stand in your life and what more is required to be better than what you are today? After introspection just mention it to the interviewer in a confident way.

There are many walk in interview jobs available for you, prepare yourself and apply for the interviews.

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