How To Use LinkedIn To Find Job Opportunities

Do you consider using LinkedIn the fullest to fetch a good job? Yes, LinkedIn could be the direct and straight route towards the CEO’s selected list of candidates for his or her organization. Here we share some best tips on how to use LinkedIn for job searches.

Why use LinkedIn for job search?

LinkedIn being the topmost professional social networking site with over 133 million users in the U.S. alone and with its reach for 200 countries and territories globally. As a professional or a student, it’s one of the popular places to network and find job opportunities. It’s a career advice to make the utmost use of LinkedIn.

The problem is that if you are updating your profile less, not taking every advantage of LinkedIn. Here we share some technical tips on how you can maximize your LinkedIn chances to find a job

The LinkedIn’s CEO mentioned the following career advice to make your LinkedIn profile potential:

  • Update your profile.

  • Detail your skills and objectives.

  • Showcase your recent experiences.

The essential thing needed is your authenticity. Be yourself, represent yourself with honesty and share your skills and expertise well and clear.

Here we share some other tips on how to make the best use of your LinkedIn profile to find a job.

1. Update your profile

LinkedIn members with a good and clear profile picture can get 15 times more likely page views, while only with skills receive 12 times more likely to get profile views in comparison to those who don’t.

2. Highlight your recent experience.

You must always showcase your recent experience and perhaps you are reading this blog to know more about how to do that and why it would help.

3. Update your headline.

Your image, name, and headline are the only things that people see when they do an online search. Your headline be outstanding and also highlight the type of role you’re looking for.

4. Detail present skills and objectives.

If you are using LinkedIn to jobs search well, you need to mention everything about your current skills and objectives. Use the headline to share your objective to create sense, and add your skills to the page.

5. Let recruiters know that you’re available.

If you can proclaim that, do it. Take advantage of your headline to do that.

6. Build your network to First degree.

Your connections would definitely increase your exposure and reach to other connections. LinkedIn is the best way, professionals can connect. This is one of the most significant career advices.

7. Use the Advanced Search option.

Use this option and search your favourite companies. Find out your connections are connected with them and make a list. You can reach out to them depending on their connectivity. From them, you could know about their work culture.

8. Ask for an introduction.

Once you have decided which company to apply for, you can ask your connection(s) to introduce you someone within the organization.

9. Find alumni associated with your college or university.

After your alumni search, you can find out to which company they are connected and this could help you in your job.

10. Research the organizations you could be interested and follow them.

LinkedIn is an easy place to find the organizations and companies. Make a list of organizations you are interested to work for and follow them on LinkedIn.

11. Be active on LinkedIn.

Be genuine and active. Post the articles you write, videos you upload, and any related updates. Get involved in group discussions, and communicate with others on LinkedIn. Expand your network, do more of communication.

12. Get active with LinkedIn Professional Groups.

Know the professional groups in your area and get connected. This would help you expand your network, highlight your expertise and also connect you to companies you want to work for in the future.

13. Do networking after business hours.

Statistics show that only a few people use LinkedIn during working hours in comparison to other social media platforms and this indicates that, you have to communicate and network only after the office hours.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance tips for the day. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance, news, and updates.

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