Types Of Job Interviews

There are various types of job interviews that is conducted by your potential employer and it all depends on the type of job interview you are applying for. Before attending your interview it is very crucial to make sure that you should be aware about the type of interview conducted. There are lots of walk in interview jobs available for you to make your career in this field.

1) Traditional one-one interview

In a normal one-one interview, an individual company employer will interview you. Generally the interviewer will be mostly the manager or HR manager. They might ask you questions related to your skills, experience and how will you benefit the company.

2) Panel Interview

This will be a many to one interview where you will be interviewer by lots of interviewers within the company. HR team, management team, and other members that you will be working with, provided you are hired for the position. You need to face relevant questions asked by respective panel members.

3)Behavioral Interview

With respect to your previous jobs you will be questioned various questions and that is what behavioral interviews is all about. For instance you may need to tell your difficult past experience and how did you manage to solve it.

4) Group Interview

For selecting the candidates there is a need to conduct group interviews by the company. It generally starts with provision of details about the company and asking each candidate to take their own time to speak. Overall confidence of the candidate is checked by the interviewer and how they interact with each other and convey their points.

5) Telephonic Interview

Most of the interviews today use the help of technology either by phone on Skype. If there is a need for the employees to work remotely then this type of interview is conducted. After the phone interview if the employer is interested he/she will call you for a face to face duel.

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