Top TCS Technical & HR Interview Questions & Answers -2019

Let us see about the frequently asked TCS Technical & HR Interview Questions & Answers -2019. This will give you an experience on how to crack the interview.TCS technical interview questions 2019

1)Define function overloading

You can create lots of functions with the same name with the help of this feature in C++.

2) Benefits of a macro over a function?

The compilation environment is secured with the help of Macro, therefore, it can expand # defines. It is expanded with the help of preprocessor.

3) List various storage classes in C


4) what is friend function?

In object-oriented programming, a friend function for a class is used to permit access to public, private or protected data in the class from outside. Such information cannot be accessed by a nonmember of a class or any other external class. With the help of the friend keyword, the function or external class can be declared as a friend of the class.

5) What is the scope of a variable?

The visibility of variables is termed as a scope of the variable. A variable’s scope to a particular function can be limited with the help of a few keywords.

TCS HR Interview Tips With Common Interview Questions

1. Tell me about Yourself:

You can start with your name and also mention your educational qualifications right from secondary till graduation. On the contrary, you must sell what the employer actually wants.

2. Why should I hire you?

Here you need to express the importance and the most needed quality for the employers. You must express such qualities with examples of your previous accomplishments.

3) What are your strengths and weakness?

Here you need to express your strengths like integrity, eager to learn, flexible etc which are relevant as per the job need. At the same time, you must reveal your which will not hinder the company progress like “you are workaholic can be told as your weakness”.

The above interview questions and answers are more than enough for you to get hired in TCS.

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