List Of Top SEO Executive Interview Questions and Answers 2019

There are lots of latest trends in digital marketing. The marketing budget for SEO and social media has been enhanced by 55 o 58% in the year 2017 when compared to 2016. One of the significant parts of Inbound Marketing is none other than SEO. There are lots of candidates who wish to make their career in Digital Marketing. In this blog we will see some of the Top SEO Executive Interview Questions and Answers 2019:

1. What Is SEO?

This is one of the frequently asked Digital Marketing Interview Question. Search Engine Optimization is the abbreviated form of SEO. The ranking can be achieved on search engines naturally without any charge with the help of SEO technique. If you want to become an SEO Executive or SEO Analyst then you need to the basics about SEO.

2. What’s The Importance Of SEO?

Inbound lead generation is done only with the help of SEO. Quality leads can be acquired with the help of this cost-effective technique. In the SERPs, it is quite significant to rank higher on the Search Engine. A proper strategic SEO plan is needed for executing this.

3. Define The Two Types Of SEO?

There are two types of SEO:

1. On Page SEO –

To enhance the search rankings, On page SEO work is done. There are a few examples which take up this technique:

1) Meta description keyword inclusion

2) Declaring a proper headline

3) Drafting detailed content

2. Off Page SEO

The rankings are enhanced by off-site SEO without the internet. Here the main things are the creation of social media signals, the creation of backlinks.

4. What Is A Backlink?

Incoming links from a webpage are called backlinks. When a website links to another link then it is called as backlinks. It is very significant in ranking websites higher on the search engine.

5. Mention The Two Types Of Backlink?

There are two types of Backlinks:

1. Do-Follow Backlinks

2. No-Follow Backlinks

6. What Are Do-Follow Backlinks?

It passes the link that affects the Google Ranking Algorithm.

7. How Is A Do-Follow Link Different From A No-Follow Link?

No, follow links does not have any impact on Google Ranking Algorithm.

8. What Is A Keyword?

Key phrases or words is an important part of any web content to assist the users in searching the right website by getting into relevant search queries on Google and other search engines.

Keywords can be of different types –

1. Short tail keyword

2. Long tail keyword

9. What Is An Anchor Text?

Hyperlink is a clickable text which can be seen on any webpage and is called as Anchor Text. Its appearance is often blue in color and is underlined always.

10. Mention The Different Types Of Anchor Text?

There are various types of Anchor text:

1. Keywords –

Exact Match Keyword – Eg – best hotels

Partial Match Keyword – Eg – best programming language

2. Branded URLs – Eg – digital tech, BlogRags, ShoutMeLoud

3. Nakel URLs –

11. What Is The Meta Description Length?

There are about 158 characters space in Meta Description.

12. What Is The Title Tag Length?

A headline can include up to 60 characters.

13. What Is Google Sandbox?

There are lots of new websites which are launched daily and it is prevented by Google Sandbox from ranking top results on Google.

14. What Is A Long Tail Keyword?

There are more than 4000 words in the long tail keywords. Targeted traffic is driven by web pages. It is quite easy to rank on Google.

Eg – best Bluetooth earphones under 50$.

15. What Are LSI Keywords?

To analyze various words, used by people about a particular topic, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a system search engine used. Google suggest such keywords at the bottom of the page.

16. List Some Of The SEO Blogs You Follow?

Few of my favorite SEO blogs are –

 1. Moz

 2. Backlinko

 3. Search Engine Journal.

17. What Does Competitive Analysis Mean In SEO?

The comparison between the webpage people is done by Competitive Analysis in SEO with Google ranking.

18. What Is 301 Redirect?

A redirect that passes between 92-99% of link equity to the redirected page is called 301 redirects. The HTTP code for such redirect is none other than 301.

19. The Most Important Main Keyword Should Be Included in:

1. The body of the post

2. Title of the Page

3. Meta Description

4. The headline of the page.

20. What Was Google’s Recent Algorithm Update?

This is one of the important Digital marketing interview questions, prepare well to become an SEO analyst. This year there are two significant updates “Medic” Core Update- Google’s Core Search Update on Health or Medical Sites.

21. What Is Robots.Txt?

Search engine crawlers are given instruction by the Robots.txt file about caching and indexing of a webpage, domain, file of a website or directory. On-Page SEO considers this significantly.

22. What Is Keyword Density?

The percentage of the keyword mentioned in the content in comparison to a total number of words is called Keyword Density.

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