List Of Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs In Tourism

The motto of choosing a career better scope is money. Most of the people search for the highest paying jobs and end up choosing the tough and a competitive career. Nowadays people are shifting their focus from medical and engineering career towards tourism and travel because of various airlines, cheap fares, lots of people to travel etc. Let us see a list of highest paying jobs in tourism:

Highest Paying Jobs in Tourism:

1) Hotel manager:

While touring from one place to another, the tourists need a place to stay and that is what hotels and hotel managers are there for to make sure that the sleeping hours are cool and the time tourists are awake is pleasurable. If you want to become a hotel manager then you must be able to work properly under pressure to meet the needs of various customers. The managers need to train their staffs like housekeepers, reception staff, chefs, porters to assist the customers properly. On an average, a hotel manager can earn up to a salary of about Rs 50000 per month.

2) Head Chef:

If you are out on a holiday or a vacation then definitely you need to take a break from other daily activities which includes cooking. In restaurants, the tourists need to munch on food sumptuously. One of the significant aspects of holiday experience is regional cuisine and the head chef needs to contribute for a rich nutritious, delicious plate for the customers to have a memorable experience. On an average, they earn around Rs 35000 per month.

3) Interpreters:

Most of the tourists who travel to a different location find it very difficult to communicate and interpret the language of that specific region. That is why interpreters are quite significant for the tourism-related workforce They not only translate for the holidaymakers and their work demands them to work with the bigwigs of the significant business, diplomacy, and politics. They earn around Rs 80,000 per month.

4) Conference and event organizer:

Tourism is not about free travel. There is an industry which is developing based on events and conferences: business oriented or personal matters like weddings, birthday functions etc. If it held in another country then there is a need for an event organizer. They take care of organizing stay, touring, food facilities. Etc. On an average, they earn around Rs 62000.

5) Pilot:

To travel or move around between two cities with a large group of people and the ideal mode of transport over here is flight which obviously needs a pilot to ride safely and reach the destination quickly. They are required on various air adventures like a helicopter, light-craft, hot air balloon. On an average, they earn around Rs lacs per month.

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