Top 5 Tips To Advance Your Career Quickly

After finding the right career, the next quest is to advance the career quickly. Many people think that leveraging with money can help, but that only a part of it. Here we share things for advancement in your career that no schools teach in their curriculum:

1) Leverage your expertise

Expertise isn’t knowledge but applied knowledge. With your knowledge, you can bring new insights and different perspectives.

What’s closer to you?

What problems do you see?

What solutions do you offer?

2) Leverage your network

Many people use their network intermittently. Only when the need arises, they reach out. Otherwise, they seldom give a thought.

The successful people work their network regularly. And with social media, networking has become far easier now. Don’t wait to reach them, just reach out to them now. Build and maintain that relationship.

3) Leverage your talents

Talents are developed gifts. You are born with gifts, but you develop talents. Then you get to have something successful. Gifts are just raw materials. Talent is the final product.

Is your product finished completely?

If not, what needs to be done?

If so, how to use it?

4) Leverage your track records

There is a huge difference between track record and experience.

A person might work at a job for long 20 years. But it is actually 1 year of experience, 20 times if nothing is changing with the times. Experience is only about time. A track record is about accomplishments.

5) Leverage your assets

The question what are your assets? Don’t think about your money. It’s not only money but also the way you manage your money is also an asset. If you spend less than you make, it’s an asset.

Even when that’s a small amount of money, the mindset is an asset as this will create new and more opportunities for you in future. Even, education is an asset, be it a formal education or not.

Good Luck!

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