Top 5 Frequently Asked Career Related Questions

There are lots of candidates who actually want to make their career in counselings. In this field, you would actually conduct counselings sessions for the candidates which would actually make a difference in their life. Let us see some of the top 5 frequently asked career questions that you need to know before choosing this field.

1. What are the various types of Career Counselors and Coaches are out there?

Ans: There are three types of career counseling professionals:

a) Full-Time Career Counselors

Full-Time Career Counselors dedicate their life to counseling to earn their livelihood. A full-time career counselor must have a master’s degree qualification. They have very good experience in dealing with various clients. Such professionals are actually found in universities and colleges to resolve the career questions of the students. They lack the experience of a hiring manager.

b) Transitional Career Counselors

There are lots of people who actually switch their careers at some point in time and to guide such people transitional career counsellors comes into the picture. These counsellors are people who have worked in Human Resource(HR), Recruiters, department of corporations etc. You can actually make a difference in those looking for a career change.

c) Part Time Career Counselor

Part Time Counselors are those who actually for some time whenever they are free and it is not their full-time career.

2. Define Career Counseling

Ans: Career Counseling is the way to resolve the questions related to career shoot up by the candidate to a Career Counselor. Most of them go to career counseling because they find it difficult on their own to choose the right career and if they choose a career which is not fit or beneficial for them they will not be happy on the long run, therefore, it is important to make a visit to a career counselor.

3) What is Career Coaching? How is it different than Career Counseling?

Ans: Career Counseling focuses on choosing a new career direction. This is applicable for those who want to start a new career or who actually want to change their careers. Career coaching focuses on enhancing an individual’s performance and success. Here the candidate already has a career and he or she is given coaching on his or her career to achieve great results.

4) How to find out Career Counselors?

Ans: You can actually browse on the Internet or ask Google for “Career Counselors near me”. You will get lots of options and choose the best by actually checking the ratings and the reviews of all the Career Counselors.

5) What does a Career Counselor do?

Ans: Such professionals would ask few career questions which would actually open up the inward vision of the candidate who is skeptical in deciding the right career choice for himself or herself. After the counseling session, the candidate would have actually a good clarity of what he or she chooses to become in life.

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