Top 5 Engineering Careers For Graduation Besides Software Engineering

Careers after 12th is a really crucial time to make the right decision, on which field to get into. Often we are naive about several things and several times make the choices wrong owing to lesser knowledge about the same. This blog will help you to decide your career wisely and guide you in your life.

Once if you have made your mind to get into the engineering field, with various options you might wonder what to choose for. Software engineering is a quite flourishing career for decades and would continue to remain same. But besides that also you can have a lucrative career in the engineering sector. So it is essential to explore the field of engineering discipline.

Here at career advice, we have made a list of top five engineering careers which covers everything from good salary to what you can expect in that job profile.

1) Petroleum Engineer

This happens to be one of the potential career paths in the engineering sector. The experts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) stated that no other engineering-related job collects in quite an average yearly salary as this one. To mention, the median salary for a petroleum engineer is about $130,280.

For a role in this sector, you must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering with preference given to those who can also specialize in petroleum engineering. Once on the job, the average workday will include developing and designing methods for extracting oil and gas from resource-laden deposits located deep down in the earth’s core. Some petroleum engineers also focus on discovering novel methods for extracting more oil and gas from previously tapped wells and deposits.

2) Aerospace Engineer

It takes the third place on this list. An aerospace engineer seeks to take their practical and mechanical skill to the skies while designing aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. Generally, this type of engineer works in large-scale manufacturing companies and firms as these organizations carry out huge research and test prototypes.

And as an Aerospace engineer, you’ll receive a median salary which is about $103,720. This field of engineering presently provides a job growth rate which is slightly lower than the national average, so job search and application process might take longer than what is expected with some of other entries on this list.

3) Nuclear Engineer

If getting into the deep and dark recesses of the earth’s core in search of natural resources doesn’t peak your interest, then you might also consider the second-highest paying engineering profession in the list, i.e. nuclear engineering. A nuclear engineer earns approximately $104,270 per year, all while facing a job growth rate which is roughly equal to the average rate in other professions.

A nuclear engineer at work has to design, and implement processes, equipments and systems which are needed to gather and control nuclear energy and radiation. To reach at this position, you need to have a bachelor’s in nuclear engineering, with internships and work experience as a highly desirable attribute during the hiring process.

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4) Computer Hardware Engineer

If you take up this position as a computer hardware engineer, this says you have just combined your love for technology with a “hands-on” approach. They get an average salary of about $100,920 a year, and most engineers in this field end up working with high-tech manufacturing firms.

To earn this position, you’ll need a degree from an accredited program which covers either or both of the computer science or engineering disciplines. Much like the prospects of aerospace engineers, this field is currently facing a slightly below average rate of growth related to future job opportunities.

5) Chemical Engineer

The carer of chemical engineering is about applying the concepts that reside in chemistry, biology, physics, and maths for the production of chemicals, food, fuel, medicinal supplies, and a variety of other end-user items. Often, students who dream of this opportunity participate in on-site work or internships at company offices or laboratories, because they lay quite a good emphasis upon practical experiences and this elevates your success chances within this profession.

And for all your hard work and studies, you can expect a median salary of about $94,350 a year. To mention, with a growth rate of only 4%, patience and a keen desire to work towards the right opportunity during the job search is significant to your success.

Of course, if neither of the options fit you for what you’re looking for in your choice of engineering, there are several other engineering careers which can well fit your needs. Here’s a quick look at next three mentions that just missed the above list and could be of preferences as well:

Electrical Engineer – They focus on the design and development of electrical devices; and earn an average annual salary of about $89,630.

Biomedical Engineer – With real effort towards analyzing and designing solutions to biological and medicinal problems, this type of engineer earns nearly $87,000 a year.

Marine Engineer – Engineers who build and maintain the range of sailboats to submersibles. Job seekers in this engineering discipline lay their hands on an average salary of about $88,100.

The above lists state there is no shortage of opportunities for students, only you need to know your wants and take up your studies to the next level with a degree in any of the engineering fields. From gathering resources as petroleum engineer, to switch into the chemical or biomedical fields, be confident that there is a job there which combines your love for the practical world of engineering with your problem-solving skills.

With this, we conclude. Hope this helps you in making career decisions. Stay connected with us and keep looking for news and updates about engineering job vacancies and other field related jobs and career.

Good Luck!

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