Top 5 Amazing Websites To Get Hired As A Software Developer

There are lots of candidates who actually want to make their career in software development Top 5 Amazing Websites to get hired. Here you will see websites to check out and enhance your chances of getting hired in software development.

1) HackerRank:

It was established in the year 2012, it is a platform that offers exposure to competitive programming for getting hired as a software developer. The solutions are to be submitted by the applicants and depending on the quality and the speed of the submission. The coders will get hired as per their coding skills instead of their words on a resume.

2) Hackerearth:

Competitive programming platform is present in Hackerearth as well. There are about 12 programming languages supported by this platform and they are Java, C, C++, Python, and Ruby. By doing this you can actually prove the world about your coding knowledge which will actually increase the chance of getting hired.


It was earlier termed as The label HIRED follows the procedure of auction to hire the software developer from a huge selection of techies. The best offer of the talent is forwarded to the companies for reviewing and choosing the best one among them. This is another opportunity for you to make your career as a software developer.


This is mainly found in the Asia Pacific Region. Most of the applicants who apply over here to exhibit their coding skills and is a competitive platform which gives good exposure to the software developers. There are various level challenges which provide the prize for each job offer. Are you interested to showcase your coding talent and prove your worth? then this platform is ideal for you.


Among the companies who are into outsourcing the development work, Toptal actually provides a new platform for all the software engineers. It is possible for the developers to apply for a job as freelancers and get hooked up with clients as per the project demands. You need to clear screening tests like English and communication skills, technical exams to get into this platform.

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