Tips For 5 Bad Speaking Habits To Break Now

There is an old saying “ First Impression is the Best Impression” 5 Bad Speaking Habits To Break Now. When you tend to meet someone for the first time you get judged on various aspects your looks, dressing style, gait, the way you talk, smell etc. Here we will see how to enhance our communicational skills.

1) Whatever you talk or say do it with confidence and assertive behavior.

If you are having lots of questions in your conversation which you actually need to be sure of then this will give an impression that you are inexperienced and you are not sure about what you want to tell.

2) Don’t use the word like or means too much in your sentence.

If you are conveying to your boos the message “Sir, I actually like to say that I don’t know this particular concept, I mean to say that, I don’t have any experience, like that, like you know what I mean”. This sentence will actually give the impression that you are not grown up and stuck up with 13 years of age. This sentence would be great if you say like “ I am not sure about the concept sir”.

3) Do not use words which doesn’t make any meaning to the sentence.

For example, don’t say across instead of across or for all intensive care instead of for all intents and care which would actually stop your growth professionally. If you have a dream to make your career successfully then you should make efforts to avoid such meaningless words in your sentence.

4) Don’t laugh at everything you hear or see.

This will give lots of bad impressions that you lack professional etiquettes and you still have that childlike behavior which will be weird in an office environment. Such things are good in school or with your friends but not in your workplace where you expect professional growth.

5) Drop to the usage of “I think” frequently.

This speaking habit should be broken because it will give an impression to your boss and colleagues that you are not sure about a particular topic and will reduce your performance rating. You can use it once in a while where you are actually not sure but not always.

Follow the above tips to develop your communicational skills and make a note to break the above 5 speaking habits.

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