Three Big Email Mistakes That Quietly Limit Your Career

The three worst mistakes in email are:


Without arranging your thoughts in a story manner you can easily jot down whatever comes to your mind. In a stream of tranquillity there are some people who write such emails. It is because of lethargic behaviour and someone who is not a practical thinker or good planner. These are not helpful to your career ambitions. Rather than asking your reader to go though the haphazard schedule and understand just figure it out with items that are most significant and lay your case in a practical fashion.


Do not say too much in emails as it is a negative impact. Thus lots of scrolling is required to read the text heavy information. It is seen as vast form of data text with big paragraphs, no spacing and no points. It doesn’t welcome the reader. When you are deeply into something you get such emails but does it really need to be big in detail?


You may have lot to convey but then use the strategy of writing in points and bullets. “Ask” must be clearly labelled. After that leave the rest for a context or background down and be sure to cut down the section into chunks like sub headings or bullets to make points easy for grasping. So follow this career advice for engineers.


Professionalism always matters and most of them neglect it irrespective of dreaming about higher promotions. For instance, there are some mails from early and mid career people about professional raise but then there are some casual style like how ru, am 5n, emoji and grammatical errors.

This will add as a negative impact to your career upgrade and they will not be introduced into some big business deals because of this behaviour. This is the career advice for engineers you need to follow.

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