Should You Tell Your Boss About Your Decision for Job Search

You must be thinking about job search and also have shared your views with your family and close pals. But how to tell the same to your boss? Keep reading this blog to know how to deal with such dilemma.

The reason for job search could be that you are not happy with the current position, role or salary or there could be any problem in the office. You must be wondering if to tell about your decision to job change to your seniors or not. What could be done?

First, you need to think about the relationship you share with them.

You need to evaluate the type of relationship you share with your seniors.

If the boss is supportive and understanding, you can tell him that you are looking for a job search and together you both might find the best way to get a good job for yourself.

Often the story is that the company wants to retain its best employee. Your senior might not like the idea of losing a significant teammate, so he or she might think about moving you up in the hierarchy within the organization.

What if months pass by and there is no development? You need to take a stand for yourself and have to decide and start a job search.

A good manager could also help you if they can by giving a good reference. They might think that any of their senior or contemporary could be a good recommendation for you. In that way, telling your trusted senior could definitely help you.

If there good understand and trust, sharing the news about job search will never affect the relationship.

Rather your senior can understand your situation and compliment in your goal.

Beware about the problems

But you must also keep in mind about the pitfalls. You should be cautious before disclosing your plans to your seniors.

If you are unsure how revealing would affect the relationships, you must decide wisely.

Unless you have a good and trustable relationship, it’s not a good idea to disclose about your move.

Chances could be that you might take some time to find a new job and your senior knowing that you might be leaving, will not assign any new project to you. In that way, it could be your loss.

And another problem could be that, your senior just spills the bean to his or her colleague that could create a trouble for you.

You need to keep in mind both the pros and cons to wisely decide if to share or not the news about your decision for a job change.

Do not be showy during job search

And if you do not want to tell your boss about your decision to move on, then opt not to use office internet for your job search interests. You must not also sue the company’s phone to make or receive a call. You have to carry out your job hunt outside.

Also do not share hints on your social media profile or pages, about your desire for a job switch. Potential employers might find this act as a lack of discretion which is a characteristic; they wish not to entertain during hiring.

With all things being said, job hunting is a personal decision and quite specific to people. Telling your boss could be positive but also keep in mind, that if it backfires, then you would be a complete loss.

Anyway, it’s quite essential how you handle the situation wisely. With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance tips for the day. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance, news, and updates.

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