Career Tips On How To Talk About Promotion With Your Boss

You are a work enthusiast. You are very punctual and finish your work properly. You have been long working for the company and also gave your more time to your role. Now if you think you deserve a promotion, then how to go asking for it. Here at career advice, we share some tips on how to address your concern in the organisation you are working.

Here are some ways how to talk about promotion at work:

Right timing

Generally, you should pitch your promotion at the time of annual review of the organization. And if the review is just a month away, then find the best time to talk to your senior to get a positive response.

It would be good to ask for promotion on a day he’s easing out and not in a bad mood. Or during mid-week or say mid-morning or later in the is the best time to schedule your meeting.

Get your quick facts handy

If you don’t find yourself being counted for promotion, you need to gather all your achievements and speak out. Collect all your accomplishments since your last promotion or salary hike and pen them down. You might remember them, but you must not. SO you need to present them in written while you approach with a request for promotion. Point down your recent achievements and keep them handy to refer while you are in a meeting with your boss.

Schedule meeting

Yes, this is essential because if you just ask for a meet, your senior must assume it could be one for resignation or so. Hence you need to clearly state your intent and ask for a scheduled meet to discuss the promotion. Generally, let the meet be for about half an hour.

You should know what you want

If the situation turns in your favour and your boss acknowledges your professional skill and hard work and agrees to a salary hike rather, then you must be prompt about your expectations. It’s for your best to know what exactly you want or what expectation is right for you. You must have a predetermined number in mind.

If you are not sure how much to ask for, you can check in the online sale calculator or refer some say suggesting sites, online like the PayScale and Anyway, you must know exactly how much is the industry standard.

Be flexible.

It can happen that the boss acknowledges that you deserve a promotion, but not immediately that doesn’t mean you should start a job search. Have some patience and try to negotiate. It can be that your boss might agree and you get your own. Or you can just ask for some other professional compensation. Negotiation must be such that you know your worth, even if the promotion doesn’t come handy.

A follow up is a must

If you do not get an instant promotion, don’t be upset. You must get an idea at which point you and your boss stands. Always keep it calm and keep a way to revisit with the same conversation; after some weeks. A follow up is a must. You must know about a follow-up schedule and also must work on the same.

With this, we finish our today’s discussion on career guidance tips for the day. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance, news, and updates.

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