Career Advice On How To Use The Right Keywords On Resume

If you want to get hired then it is very important for you to put right keywords on resume. It is good to know about the importance of keywords and their right usage. Let us see some career guidance tips for some resume keywords.

Reason for using Resume Keywords:

As soon as you submit your resume an applicant tracking system installed by the company either forwards it to the recruiter or filters it. So here is where keywords for resume comes into the picture. Your resumes are scanned for the keywords and are categorized as per your qualification and job criteria.

Make a note of the job post especially the required skills and preferred skills, educational qualifications etc. Use the keywords from the job post and mention it in your resume. Don’t use flowery language as most of the ATS machines are unable to recognize the terms and turn your application down. Exhibit your writing talent in your cover letter. Follow the above career advice in using the resume keywords.

The right way to choose keywords:

Always use the keywords for resume as per the job posting. The job listing must match your experience, knowledge, and qualification.

Always target the keywords mentioned in the job listings and use them in your resume.

It is very important to customize your resume as per your job.

Be Precise to the point:

Do not write stories in your resume it is always better to be precise to the point. For instance, there is no point in just saying you have experience in banking. Banking is a very big sector, therefore, you need to mention the profile for example sales manager or clerk in “bank name”.

Keyword density:

Keywords for resume can be used as much as you can but then it should not be stuffed unnecessarily. This resume must be catchy and attractive. As per the career advice, given by experts keywords must be used throughout the resume but then it should be meaningful.

You can take help from resume builder to suggest keywords and phrases.

Do not Forget the Cover letter:

Keep in mind to include a catchy cover letter with your resume. It is good to use important keywords over here to make a good impact. Do not consider writing cover letters are waste of time.

You will be scrutinized based on your cover letter. For instance, if there are two candidates with a similar skill set, experience, performance, etc. Then they will be hired on the basis of an excellent cover letter with proper keywords.

Apart from mentioning keywords on resume, it is equally important to mention keywords on the cover letter but then use it only in the body of the letter.

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