How To Prepare For “What Do You Know About Our Company?”

There are lots of candidates who are afraid to face the job interview irrespective of being a fresher or an experienced professional looking out for a job switch. The fear is going to be there always about the new job environment and your stability over there. The best career advice is to know something about the organization before and this way you will be able to overcome the fear or at least face it boldly when you will face this question “What Do You Know About Our Company?”

Let us see some career guidance tips for freshers and experienced professionals with respect to company research.

1) Company Website:

It is common sense that you must be aware of the basics of the future company where you are going to work. You need to research on how is the company special or better when compared to its competitors from the company’s website. Counselors give career advice to view the about us section and get to know the principles, mission, and vision of the company. You can also refer their client partners and their services.

2) Social Media:

You can also check the social media channels about the company like their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to know about their interactions, promotions, campaigns, etc. Also make a note of the public reviews, comments, and queries.

3) Use LinkedIn:

This social media carries more in-depth information about the company where you can check the details of new hiring, vacancies, HR initiatives, and job posts. This career guidance tip is very useful when compared to another job portal. You can also update your LinkedIn profile as even you will be reviewed based on your profile.

4) Check other websites:

Until you have seen to view the company details directly from the company website but you should also note down the third party reviews. You can also contact the current or ex-employee over there to know about the information. This is for your reference only.

5) Get to know about competitors:

You should also get a basic knowledge about the industry and its trends and the company’s competitors. This will boost your chance of getting appreciated and hired. This will definitely take you to places and get a good job with handsome salary package. You can search similar companies on the Google and get to know what they offer and their services and how are they different from the company you are applying for and what is their position when compared to your desired company. You will also get to know about the market value as well.


Prepare according to these above guidelines and you will find it easier while facing this question “What Do You Know About Our Company?” in an interview, after doing all the above still if you are unable to get hired after attending the job interviews then keep reading our blog on CareerFunda and prepare yourself for the next one. Follow the above-given career advice and make a successful career in your desired field.

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