How To Prepare For JEE Examination 2018

If you are preparing for the JEE Main exam you must be very specific with some strategies and be directed in your determination. With strong basics in Physics, Maths and Chemistry you can really there are can be a lot of avenues in future. Here we share some amazing JEE preparation tips.

JEE main advanced

The JEE main and the advanced examination have changed a lot in its pattern.

How to start your preparation?

You need to divide entirely the preparation into the following different parts:

  • Time management

  • Prepare a plan

  • Know the syllabus and the exam pattern

  • Coaching Classes

  • Self-study

  • Study concepts, solve problems and find solutions

  • Solve previous year’s papers

  • Practice test series

  • Group study, hang out with toppers

  • Health conscious

  • Manage Distractions

  • Retrospection

1. Time Management

This is very significant. Here are 5 key chants on Time Management for JEE preparation tips:

a) Complete the important tasks first.

Once done with that, you will have a sense of accomplishment and that would lead to the next important task.

b) Say a firm NO to friends & family.

There would be always a few friends who try to distract you from your preparation, tell them a polite and firm NO! Even you can skip some family functions and get together for the time being.

c) Don’t procrastinate and aim for improvement.

d) Turn important tasks into habits.

It could be a habit of revising formulae and basics in the morning, especially what you studied the other day.

e) Set time duration for everything you do.

2. Follow a Schedule or Make a Plan

This is one of the most essential JEE preparation tips.

Here we share a sample plan for a week:

1. Fetch a calendar, a dairy and a pen. You need to utilize every bit of time you have.

2 You have to wisely plan your schedule.

3 Find the longer time of your day for studying which would be your main job for these days. You would be mostly busy during the day with classes, so allot time in the evening for your self-study.

4 Your Health and fitness are significant for a good preparation. Allot some time for yoga or exercises which can reduce your stress and help you relax.

5 Don’t be in a haste to study the entire time and also get ample amount of sleep which would refresh your mind and body and will help you to work more effectively.

3. Know the syllabus and the exam pattern well

You need to study all the important topics first and next solve ample problems in order to gain proficiency over them. Certain topics have more weight over others, so an emphasis on those important topics and this will help you score more marks in the actual exam and also help you fetch a top rank!

4. Coaching Classes

Coaching classes are an essential part. Be it for the Main or Advanced, having clear concepts and this would help you in scoring high and getting an extra edge over others in the exam.

According to some statistics, 45 – 50% students are opting for Online Coaching classes in comparison to coaching classes and study centres.

5. Study concepts solve problems and find solutions

No matter how many and how good, coaching classes you join or how many study materials or books you buy, you have to spend time studying them and also make some notes.

Self-study is significant for your exam preparation. Here are some quick JEE preparation tips on how to study more hours daily without being tired.

The more time you spend in clearing your concepts in various topics of Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, the better are the chances of scoring a top rank in the JEE.

You must follow NCERT books while beginning and finishing your JEE Preparation. You can also refer some additional books for the clearer concept and strengthening your basics.

Group Study

Studying in groups is an effective way to study, only if you find the right partner to study with.

6. Solve previous years’ papers

The JEE examiners need to test students annually on the same concepts to find out the proficiency of the students as to if or not they are capable of getting into the IIT or NITs!

And as one of the most efficient JEE preparation tips is to practice lots of the previous year’s questions.

7. Take time-bound practice test series

You practice as much as you want, but also try it time confined.

8. Follow the toppers; if possible, find a Mentor

You need to get some practical advice from them, who have already scored well in JEE exams.

You must be friends with the students who are the “toppers”.

If you don’t think they could make you their friends, at least complement them, seek suggestions from them. It’s likely they would love to help you and you will really get help.

9. Take care of your health

A very crucial factor in your entire JEE Main preparation is your health. You need to be health conscious during the entire period of preparation until the actual exam date, to expect a good rank provided you do your best on the exam as well.

10. Limit Distractions like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram…anything on social media.

With so many online platforms nowadays like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Instagram – it is very easy you end up wasting your time and completely get lost in them. This distraction can affect negatively with your preparation and let you down in the worst way. Though Facebook Groups are another effective way to remain in touch with 1000’s of students who are also preparing for JEE 2018/2019, you must make sure that you limit your usage of these platforms to very less, every day.

11. Retrospection at the day end

After finishing your day, spend 10 – 15 minutes on reflection what have you achieved during the entire day. Lay pressure on things like:

  • Where you wasted your time mostly?

  • How can you optimize your time for the next day?

  • Did you achieve your plans for the day?

In case not, find out where and how you failed and what you should do to avoid such repetitions.

With this, we conclude. Hope this piece of information on various JEE preparation tips, help you. Keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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