Preparation Tips: How To Crack Aptitude Test In 5 Minutes

Finally, you wait the placement season and where it nears; things take upon your nerves. Here we share for you career guidance tips on how to prepare for an aptitude test to avoid the placement blues.

This is one of the best preparation strategies which can help you work towards the aptitude test in less time.

Final year students have to deal with aptitude test before the placements as well, be it exclusive company specific aptitude tests or employability tests like AMCAT Test. While placements might appear in a long way off it’s never too early to start preparing for the tests.

With a minimum of about 6-8 months and with proper planning, you can excel these tests and interviews. Follow our step by step guide to help you during the placement season.


Bring together information about Aptitude Test

Study every subject and find out the crucial topics

Practice the sample papers

Create information sheets and reference

Revise a lot

1. Bring together information about Aptitude Tests:

Just 7-8 months before the campus placement season, it is the best time to do some research work regarding the aptitude tests that you might appear for.

Discuss with seniors.

Your graduated seniors could help you with the aptitude test which also helped them. You can also take sample papers and any material from them, along with guidance and tips. Since they are fresh out of college life, they would remember every tiny detail then.

Approach the campus placement cell.

Get a list of companies who conduct aptitude test. Most placement cells can give you this information.

External aptitude test.

Search online in Quora or Reddit to get more information on external aptitude tests like AMCAT test that would help you with skill assessment and help you get a job.

2. Study every subject and find out the crucial topics:

Just a few months ahead of the tests, it is the right time to revisit the general subjects like Quantitative Ability, Logical Ability and English and also the course-specific engineering technical subjects.

The aptitude test include the most basic concepts which you might have studied in high school and now not in touch with.

Choose books on Aptitude test written by authors like Dr. RS Aggarwal. Study the topics and concentrate on the essential ones. Here we mention some of the important topics for aptitude test like AMCAT tests:

A. Quantitative Ability

Basic Mathematics



Numbers, Decimal Fractions & Power

Applied Mathematics

Profit & Loss

Simple and compound interest

Time, Speed and Distance


Engineering Mathematics


Permutations & Combinations


B. Logical Ability

Deductive Reasoning

Coding deductive logic

Data Sufficiency, Directional Sense, Logical Word


Objective Reasoning

Selection decision tables


Inductive Reasoning

Coding pattern and Number series pattern recognition

Analogy and Classification pattern recognition

Adductive Reasoning

Logical word sequence

Data sufficiency

C. Verbal Ability




Contextual Vocabulary


Error Identification

Sentence Improvement and Construction


Reading Comprehension

3. Practice the sample papers:

Just before a few months, it is the exact time to attempt the sample papers. You must have acquires the subject knowledge and it is now time to prepare for other aspects of the aptitude test like testing with respect to time and completing the entire test paper.

Solve sample papers, as much as you can.

4. Create information sheets and reference:

Information sheets are but documents with gist and all important information, for instance, formulae, grammar rules, word lists, basic concepts etc. Create such sheets for every section and keep them in a folder.

These sheets must be precise and complete to revise in the last few hours before your aptitude test.

5. Revise a lot:

Keep revising and mainly the important topics until a week before the aptitude test. Once the placement season starts, you have to concentrate on several things like group discussions and preparing for a technical round of interviews.

The key to success is right preparation.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance tips for the day. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance, news, and updates.

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