Popular Job Profiles In Digital Marketing

There are lots of candidates searching for job opportunities after their career in engineering. So dont worry you can also make your career in Digital Marketing. Here are some points. As it is a known fact that with respect to your skills, and experience, and your interest, you can consider the following job profiles:

Digital Marketing Executive: You might join an organization at the entry level like a digital marketing executive or may be Social Media Marketing Executive, Search Engine Marketing Executive. At the start of your career you would be working under a manager or a team leader and do tasks including research, testing, content development, etc.

Digital Marketing Specialist: After getting reasonable experience say more than 2 years in a field like SEM or SEO, you will get hike to a specialist profile like SEO Expert or SEM Expert or Content Marketing Expert or Community Lead. At this profile you need to inform your manager and would have the authority to take lots of independent decisions.

Team Leader or Digital Marketing Manager: For becoming a Manager or Team Leader eg SEM Team Lead, SEO Manager you need to have at-least 2-4 years of experience. You will have a team under you and you will strategies your plans for the growth of the organization.

Digital Marketing strategist/Analyst: In agencies or companies with a good focus on parts like SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, and for Strategic and Analytical roles there is a need of skilled professionals. You will mold yourself more like a consultant and each and every department receives contribution from the Analyst.

Chief in charge of Digital Marketing: It is very familiar that the Digital Marketing Chief is the senior most profile in this domain. Where there are campaigns integrated in the company, the Chief in charge of Digital Marketing will inform to the Head of Marketing, for overall marketing function responsibility.

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