Do Not Panic To Answer This Worst Interview Question

There are many latest job vacancies in IT careers and in every interview the candidates will face this worst question and do you really want to know what it is then you must go through this blog.
Most of the candidates would have attended lots of interviews and one the first and the foremost question which is worst enough to experience is “Tell me something about yourself”. Most of them avoid this question.

It can take a long for the candidate to answer this question and provide the interviewer with suitable and attractive answers. So here is the top 5 reason why they want to ask such a question.

  1. Asking such a question will let the interviewer know how much the candidate knows about oneself

  2. For making the candidate feel comfortable, this has been the standard first question.

  3. By the way the candidate answers the question will show their preparation for the interview.

  4. If they can answer such a tough and thought provoking question intelligently then they will be hired.

  5. Finally the inteviewer will come to now about the nature of the person.

There are many candidates even today who find it very tough to answer this question and now a days even behavioral interview becomes the style of choice.

Here are few reasons why the employers or the inteviewers still use them:

Self awareness: The candidate should be well aware of themselves, where they stand and what can they do for the company with reference from the past. Their areas of interests, the field they need to groom, etc. Preparing for such a question helps them to know more about themselves and what they want to do. But for some people answering such a question would be silly as everything would be mentioned in the CV, so why verbal explanation?

How will the candidate feel comfortable? It is a very difficult question to answer and most of the candidates don’t know how to start or how to make it more interesting? There is no right or wrong answer for this question. It is just the way you put it out matters.

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