New Trends For Hiring The Employees

Those who are looking for jobs careers in engineering can really succeed in getting a job by following the career advice of developing practical knowledge.

Today the process of job hiring has become the same since many years like receiving the resume, scrutinising the best and then calling for an interview, testing, and then hiring them. But a new approach has been brought by the companies to select the right candidate they are giving them targeted video games, online tests, and other data-driven tests can save the company from choosing the wrong one.

After using this step you can hire the right candidate and rejoice success in your business. As you know a candidate cannot be judged by their resume or just a paper along with some educational qualifications.

Applying the concept of games

Adapting certain concept of games in business for hiring the candidates is the latest trend followed today. This way has become a successful way in engaging the customers to a new HR tool. And today at least 70 % of the organizations use this application.

There are some companies that use Knack games and wasabi waiter games. In this online game the user has to weigh and serve the different demands of hungry customers in sushi restaurant. It also collects behavioral data points based on player’s performance. This will show their managerial skills. There was a call center which used the technique of online questioniare founded by Evolv company discovered that the employees hired after the onset of this software produced 29 % fewer hours of work and worked 15 % more faster than the old employees of the company before the onset of the software.

If you use these effective steps then you can hire a very engaging employee. For instance the first merit bank uses the method of secret shopper. Here the recruiters move to the place to secretly assess the candidates for those who provide the best customer service satisfaction will be hired by the company. The candidates who are freshers without any experience are still hired because of their customer service skills.

There are many career opportunities for freshers today to make your career successfully.

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