Why You Need Expert Guidance For CAT Preparation

The Common Admission Test or the CAT is the most prestigious and widely accepted written exam for admission for entrance to top B-schools in India. But it’s not an easy task to crack CAT. Just appearing for CAT does not guarantee you a seat in a good B-school. You must have a high score percentile, 85 or more, to proceed to next round of selection procedure at the top B-schools. So, if you are a CAT aspirant, and thinking of undertaking CAT preparation, this blog is for you.

To be successful, you need a good mentor and an expert guidance too as you are making CAT preparation.

Like Kautilya who guided Chandragupta, to develop all-around skill and changed the fate of this country, experts help you sharpen your skills and direct you in the right direction leading to your success.

Applying for CAT is journeys of intellectual quest that precedes the admission to the world of renowned Business schools which make your work life begin with a monthly salary in lakhs.

The CAT is held during October-November every year for admission to the IIMs and other top B-schools in India. Getting a high percentile (about 90 to 99+) in this examination makes a candidate to enter the final selection round to secure a seat in PGDM or MBA programmes at top B-schools.

Apart from the knowledge, CAT validates one’s ability to think beyond limits, from conventional things through various education levels.

Here are some benefits of having expert guidance for your CAT preparation.

1) Think Beyond: The coaching centres prepare students for CAT; trains the mind to think more than ordinary. Self-study helps you with knowledge but experts can help you with intelligence-based-training.

2) Trouble-shooting: When you get stuck at a point, or you need to clarify your doubt, the expert’s guidance and explanation can help you. It saves your time and also brings you tips to solve more such problems. This is very essential during your CAT preparation.

3) Acquaintance with CAT: If you are about to appear in CAT for the first time, Expert guidance would help you to find out the preparation course structure. The coaching classes can guide you on what to study and not. They also help you find out about study areas that are more important regarding CAT prep. With a fixed study schedule, you come within a time frame to complete your course along with the relevant topics.

4) Focus and inspiration: Mentors help you remain focused and keep you inspired towards the preparation. They share instances of success and keep sharing mantras which refreshes your mind and make you more energetic.

5) Interaction with peers: Self-study won’t help you to validate yourself with comparisons. The group of aspirants, attending a coaching center or mentors gives you a platform to find about yourself vis-à-vis your peers. It makes your thought and preparation more focused on the level of competition.

With this, we conclude. Hope this blog on CAT preparation helps you. Keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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