List Of Unusual Careers That You Can Choose

Most of the candidates want to take some unusual career field like the ones below and dont worry there are lots of jobs for freshers in this field other than careers in engineering.

1. Public Health Entomology

If you are an avid lover of insects and arthropods then you need to take up this field as it impacts human health. Research on behavior and ecology of various species included in this job search. For meeting and connecting with local state officials is a good chance that person can experience in this field. There are lots of government agencies, chemical companies, universities that searches people for hiring in this field.

2. Spa Management

You will be rejuvenated with a good spa. There are many people who are doing and willing to do spa management and training. From where does the spa management hire masseurs? You will learn to know how to do a good spa and how to make your career by joining the spa training institute. If you become a spa therapist then you can about 10,000 Rs as a fresher and as you gain experience you will get an increase in income.

3. Ethical Hacking

If you are someone who would like to hack social networking accounts for fun or break in the system by cracking passwords then you need to use it productively. You will get paid for breaching the computer systems. For various security reasons there are big companies who search for ethical hackers. The average salary ranges from 2-5 lakhs for a fresher, and after 5 -6 years you can get 10-12 lakhs salary package.

4. Bachelor of Rural studies

If you are attracted towards Indian villages then you need to be more than a tourist and click pictures as this is a course for you. There are lots of community and rural development activities that the course offers. Farm management, forestry, child development, etc are some of the topics covered over here. After your studies you can get jobs at various public and private organizations, government sectors, etc.
There are lots of walk in interview jobs available for you and all you need to do is choose the right career for yourself.

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