Life Changing Career Decisions To Make In Your 30’s

After reaching 30 you would have sufficient amount of experience which you would have gathered from the 20s. So here are few career advice to help you be the best in your profession even in careers in engineering.

1) Create strong network

If you are in your 30s you would have gained sufficient experience to know people and whom to accept and whom not to. Just increase your network either by LinkedIn contacts or by mouth. You never know who would help you to get a job or a client.

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2) Be a professional in whatever you do

You need to shape your craft and career at this time. Be good at whatever you do. Try to boost up your skills and if you don’t like what you do then start something new and keep working towards being a professional in this field. People should approach you for your work.

3) Create your professional brand and own it like a boss

You must know about your strengths and weaknesses in your 30s as you would have got sufficient number of experiences. So make your own professional brand and be creative and then own it like a boss. Be ahead of the competitions.

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4) Improve your communication skills

If you are well versed in writings and verbal then it will be very much beneficial for you to attract people. If you don’t have this skill then you can still develop it with sheer efforts as there is no rocket science behind it. Once you have got it you can use it effectively to gain more profit.

5) Give Feedback’s

While you were in your 20s you would have received lots of feedback’s. It might be constructive or destructive. Learn to give your feedback to your juniors in a positive and a diplomatic way such that it inspires them.

Your career search in your 20s would have helped to reach wherever you are today in your 30s.

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