Leave The Myths: Know The Career Meant For You

Choosing a career probably starts in college. You take a major based upon your interests at the time, but remember that studying your favourite subject is different than doing a job on the same. Here at career advice, we share some factors which will help you choose the right career for yourself.

First Leave The Myths

Discuss with a Career Counsellor to Find the Right Career

A wrong notion. What would a career counsellor do? He or she can make you learn about yourself, and give you interest choices that will point out skills, and strengths. Next, they will some career choices where your skill fit well. But remember your career should be of your choice. Never choose anything that doesn’t excite you.

Go for Money

Yes, money is a big factor. But that can’t be a factor in career choice.

Don’t mix hobbies with career

This is not true always. Analyse your skills and talents related to a hobby you and impart your best in it in making your career. You will definitely shine.

Go For list of “Best Jobs”

Every year a list of the best careers are published. If one of them is of your interest then great. But don’t choose based on the list, it will keep changing.

If You Choose a Wrong Career, you are Stuck Forever

Nope! Never, there is always a chance to consider an alternative career.

You Won’t Understand a Career Until You Get into It

Not exactly. You can talk to others in the same field; you can apply for internships as well. You can do some research and take your decision.

So, How Do You Know What To Choose?

Analyse your skill set, your personality, your strengths and your values

Do a research and look at the options that suit you best.

Do some informational interviewing.

Make a short list, narrow your choices, and take some time to think about those choices.

Are You Focused With Promotion or Prevention?

According to the authors, Heidi Halvorson and E. Rory Higgins there are two motivators in adult life – promotion or prevention.

Promotion-focused people seek opportunities to advance, achieve and receive awards

Prevention-focused people are concerned with security, not losing what they can obtain. They feel a strong sense of responsibility and avoid insecurity.

According to the authors, either have specific personality traits and behaviours.

The Promotion-Focused individuals include the following:


Creative and Innovative

Impulsive and Rapid Acting

The disadvantage of this behavior is that they might be more prone to make errors but to be more optimistic.

The Prevention-Focused individuals include the following:

Focus on details and being thorough

Engage in assessment and reasons

Want Perfection

Responsible and Reliable

Consider Problems Regularly

These people don’t find much comfort with changes and risk. They prefer to work deliberately and comparatively slow.

It’s important for you to know what you are before making a career choice.

Career Fits Based Upon Focus Dominance

Promotion-Focused people must seek out careers that offer fast advancement, like starting with start-ups.

Prevention-focused people must seek careers and organizations that give security and a stable job environment.


At a first glance, it might appear that a promotion-focused person is ideal for entrepreneurship, but Halvorson states that successful entrepreneurs have a good mix of both the focuses. Perhaps, this is why you could see several successful businesses have partnerships between two who each have a different dominant focus.

Don’t be confused. Just focus on your dominant characteristic and defying the myths, follow your heart for things you have passion about and be successful in your career.

And keep looking into this space for more career advice and tips.

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