Did You Know These 5 Tips For Public Speaking That Can Help You Fetch a Job?

Help You Fetch a Job?

You would have given a very good resume and cover letter but what about interview? Are you good in your communicational skills? Can you express your viewpoint without any stammer in your voice? Here is a few career advice for you as there are many job vacancies for freshers in all fields.


Note down the minute tics and crutches of your voice like “um”, “ah”, etc. This will show the lack of confidence and your nervousness. It is very unprofessional to use such words and it shows you are not prepared. The only way to get rid of them is to recognize them at the first place by recording your speech and then rectifying your mistake. Practice, Practice, and Practice.


Note down whatever you want in terms of points to remember so that you will not fumble when the interviewer asks you any question. If you have already prepared and are well versed in answering then be sure you will be successfully hired.


if you are still stressed with the word of interview and questions. Then you need to relax first. The best relaxation technique is deep breathing. Breath in for 4 counts and breath out for 8 counts. This will reduce your stress. You will remember the things which you have forgotten when you are but you will forget the things which you remember while you are stressed out.


Even if you are nervous about interview don’t be afraid about it. Don’t show it out there are lots of ways to bring up your confidence one of them is having a good and confident body language. If you dont have it act it out. Dress well and presentable it will give you a good self esteem therefore you can perform well.


If you answer without thinking then that is your problem. Try to answer after listening to the question properly and then understand it very well. Then give a reply to it. If you are taking time for answering the interviewers will definitely appreciate it and will not hold it against you. So relax and perform well.

There are lots of walk in interview jobs and you can make your career in engineering successfully by following the above points.

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