Job Search Prerequisites That You Must Keep In Mind

So are you thinking about job search again? And are you just planning to relaunch your old CV? Well, then you should keep reading this blog on career guidance tips before you start with your new searches.

Here are some pre-warnings. Some companies and organizations terminate employees when they know that job search is ongoing.

Never use office time or resources to search job. Avoid updating your LinkedIn profile, or emailing your friends talking about job opportunities or upgrading your resume.

Keep your pursuit confidential and do not let your co-workers know about it.

Take care while social media posting, even on your Facebook, doesn’t share anything personal.

Here we share a few questions that you must ask yourself before starting a job search.

What you want a promotion or a job switch?

You need to make it clear in mind if you want a job switch or a promotion. Always leaving the present company is not the solution if that’s not your real necessity.

This blog on career guidance tips will help you ponder about the same.

LinkedIn shared two kinds of jobs with great potentiality.

The most demanding jobs of 2018, are Software Engineering Manager, Engagement Head, Customer Success Manager and Solutions Architect.

Which organizations do you opt to work for?

You need to prior make a list of companies or organizations, you think of working for.

Next, you need to decide if you wish to stay in the same city or open to relocation. These are essential things you need to sort our prior job searching.

In Linkedin, you can next search the companies based on the criteria you made and then you can find your dream job or dream organization.

Should you approach?

The next question that you must think about if you must approach or not to the past colleagues, friends and familiar people. And the best career guidance tips is that you should do it wisely.

This means you should decide if you must talk to them about your confidential job search.

You can do networking even without preparing a resume but never do resume posting without any job openings. It would be wastage of time.

What kind of outdoor activities are you involved into?

You need to find professional groups related to your career or area of interest.

The idea of attending meets and do networking with people are bonus points. You can do some act of volunteering in community meets to get more exposure and chances to showcase your skills and knowledge.

You must know about salary expectations

It is obvious that you need to mention your salary expectations. You need to takes some time and do some research on salary requirements and also find out which companies would offer you the same kind of salary and with similar opportunities.

Next, you have to keep a range of salary expectation in mind. Also, remember that some industries like non-profit organizations and higher education tend to pay less.

Try finding of yourself in Google.

You need to search yourself on Google by typing your name.

How you appear on the first page of the search?

Is every information appropriate and is it the right thing for your future recruiter to know about you? If it’s not satisfactory, you can resolve it by creating your own website and with the kind of URL you choose.

If you are very active on other social media platforms, you need to clean the stuff.

Is your Linkedin profile ready for jobs search?

Before you make changes, you need to switch off the “sharing profile edits” option. You will definitely won’t like your connections to know about your changing of the profile.

The best edit could be the summary section. Always remember, the one who will view your profile will only see your first, 200 characters unless they wish to read more about you.

In your summary, write about your best skills, career highlights, and interests, mainly professional. You can also write what motivates you and how you face the rough phases of life.

You also need to update your work history and make sure you mention your skills and projects worked upon, clearly and chronologically.

Also, edit your headline. If you draw more chances of attracting your employers, you need to change the headline too.

And the final thing you can do is, share your current employer’s success, and industry related tools and news. This will show how updated you are with the industry trends.

Is your resume updated?

When you opt for a job interview, make sure that your resume matches the job description.

And if you are unsure, what the recruiters will look for, always know that they want an updated resume.

You need to see each job requirement and make sure that your resume tells you, how you have done similar work.

With this, we conclude.

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