Job Opportunities For People Who Don’t Like To Sit Before The Computer Screen

If you are one among them who do not like spending time in front of computers, then you will find this blog quite helpful to you. Keep reading this blog on career guidance if you want to do job, not based on computer applications.

Though computers have become an inevitable part of our everyday lives, not everyone likes a career which involves sitting in front of a computer the entire day. Field force management is trying to show a trend to computerize everything, which could be a true blessing. These sorts of changes are making some people to simply look for a hands-on approach. Here in this blog post, we shall discuss why people don’t want to sit in front of a computer all day, what jobs could they do and where to find them.

Avoid the Screen

One of the main reasons why some people don’t want a computer-based job because they like to move around and interact with people. Older generations often tend not to understand the mechanics of jobs depending on a computer are also opting for positions that both fulfill them and offer a paycheck as well. Either of them doesn’t like the idea of sitting down all day. They want to be moving around and work with others together. Many people also say that they feel like their times passes faster if they’re moving and use their hands, rather than sitting and typing on a computer.

Moreover, noncomputer based positions offer a better relationship with people. If you need to have a discussion with your boss, instead of sending a mail, you can easily go and talk to him, face to face. Computers have changed the way we interact with people, and a computer-independent position makes opportunity for. Some positions also help to meet new people on a regular basis, and you get to have amazing connections with all types of people.

What to be done?

If you just take a look at various job advertisements, there you’ll find plenty of jobs that need computer experience and knowledge. Fortunately, there are yet jobs out there which require more than just that. Some positions need a bit of computer application, but the list is one that doesn’t need all-day sitting in front of a computer:

Truck driver

Hotel housekeeping

Postal service mail carrier

Massage therapist

Taxi, Uber or Lyft driver

Tour guide

Adult Daycare worker

Childcare provider

Bus driver

Bag groceries



Personal Assistant

Professional Organizer


First-line supervisor of construction trades and extraction workers

Subway or streetcar operator

Signal or track switch repairer

Farm or ranch manager

Electrical power-line installer or repairer

Transportation vehicle, equipment, or systems inspector

Ship engineer


There are several things that one can be done to make some money without sitting at a computer, the entire day. Take a look at your talents, and follow your passion. You never know how you can use your passion and talent, together and earn a good job.

Finding a good position you desire

Besides the fact that you don’t wish to use a computer or not much, you might have to use it to find a position which will definitely help you meet your needs. Checking websites like Craigslist and Indeed are good for finding work. Work boards are available to join and look for work that meets your needs and talent. Some retail stores and restaurants yet post “help wanted” signs, but often need you to register to a website to fill that application.

Is it possible to find a job without a computer? Yes! You can seek at your local employment commission office, and they can help in finding a position if they have it listed in their database. Many temporary workforce places have positions which can turn into long-term positions. It also helps in networking with people, mainly if you’re planning to dive into entrepreneurship. You can have the choice to join a local chamber of commerce or a business group to meet people who might need your assistance. You can also go out and ask for it. If there is a coffee shop you visit often, ask them if they’re looking for an additional help.

Yes, it’s possible to enjoy job without pressing the computer keyboard, all day. It just takes a little effort and know-how to find the right position.

If the idea of sitting at a desk and looking at a computer the entire day is something you find intolerable — or you’re not that tech-savvy — this way you can find a way and get a job.

Several business insiders have combed through the database of workers that compiles detailed information on several jobs to find positions where you don’t need to use computers or computer systems, which includes hardware and software; to program, write programs, set up functions, enter the data, or process information, are but part of the job.

With this, we conclude for now. For job seekers, are you looking for career opportunities? Now you can broaden your searches and can try finding jobs where you do not need computer expertise. Hope this blog helps you in your pursuit of job search.

Always keep in mind the above tips and be wise while you take a decision of choosing a new career as well. Stay connected with career advice to know about more job opportunities, career tips and tips for perfect CV for engineers and non engineering positions.

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