Are You Job Hunting Or Job Fishing?

You will be amazed to know that so many people yet don’t know much about resume writing, the importance of social media profiles, and making a job search. Today at career funda we write about job hunting and its importance.

Here we share three basis thoughts about the same.

1: When it is about finding a job, there is only one opinion which matters; and it is never yours.

Unemployed or employed job seekers, whether it’s your CV, cover letter or LinkedIn page you must be mindful of the fact that each individual who’s reading them will form his or her opinion on your skills and ability and try to see where you fit as per the needs of their organisation, so you must be very cautious about every word, thought and statement you make, both verbal & written, to ensure they not misconstrued.

2: During job search and in advancing your career there are two types of people.

The most common are those job seekers who wait for opportunities to happen. These are also other employees who wait until someone quits or retires before they let their superiors know that they are keen to take up the responsibilities of a new position.

On the other, there are some people who are doers and they take the initiative to shape their destiny, even at some risks. They are ready to be big winners or losers instead of accepting their present status.

3: Utopia doesn’t exist.

For employees know that there is no perfect job, companies or bosses. Companies are only good with the people who lead them and the employees who work there. A job that good as you can make it.

For job hunters, the most significant words are ‘perspective’ and ‘compromise’. You must keep your eye on the prize and focus on the big picture and always manage expectations. You must know where you stand and where you’re heading to and you won’t get stuck in a dead-end job or career.

With this, we conclude today’s career advice! For choosing the right career, keep looking into this space for more career tips and methods.

There are several job openings for fresher, but what is missing is the intersectional point where the requirement of the employer is met by the skills of the candidate. Choosing a new career will become easy with our expert tips and advice.

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