Why Internship Is Necessary For Getting A Job

You must know that how in college the students need to balance among work, friends, family, and assignments. Often the thought about internship might get missed. But in today’s competitive world, an internship is a must. Here at career advice, we shall discuss everything that as a student you would like to know about an internship.

If you can show a relevant internship on your resume, this will add to your competitive advantage over all the candidates who would apply for the same position. Employers think that graduates without practical experience might lack technical skills needed for a job.

When to search for an Internship

As per several surveys, the best time to start is just before you beginning of the junior year. Thus you will get two years to finish your competitive internships before you graduate. Many companies hire interns for the summer. The career guidance is that it’s the right time to look for.

How to choose the best internship?

You need to consider a few things before choosing the best internship program that would help you in your career.

Don’t get confined to locations, because there could be an organization which can well open professional doors for you. Even if it’s a valuable internship in abroad, you must go for it.

Is money a factor?

Several students do not go for amazing opportunities, only because they won’t pay much or pay any. But in that way, at time4s they do a big mistake. Do not allow money as deciding factor, gaining valuable experience will remain the lifetime.

An internship is a substitute for on-campus recruiting

Many more firms are using their intern programs and not on-campus recruiting. The internship is somewhat an audition in disguise, for both the company and the student.

Work in a real environment

College students with an internship actually have the advantage of working in a real environment. They can apply the same knowledge in their workplace.

Who has better chances of being hired? Obviously one with internship, experience and good references has a better advantage.

Grades are not reciprocal to work ethics

Though grades are essential, good grades does not guarantee that you would be a great employee. On a contrary, a majority of employers now favour internship experiences over GPA or coursework to select the best employee.

You have more skills

The biggest thing about doing an internship is that you have more skills than your contemporaries. Several employers do not prefer candidates without any experience. Hope with this career guidance tips, you know why the internship is so much essential.

Some soft skills which you can gain during your duration of the internship include:


Internship teaches you to work in a team. You could be assigned to a team of other interns or you might also get to work with experienced professionals. Teamwork will teach how to divide tasks and collaborate to attain a specific goal. It tells your next employers how well you can work with others.

Time management

To achieve your responsibilities as an intern, the main ingredient is time management. This would teach you business skills. After you are done with your internship you can understand how to complete professional tasks. You’ll learn how to manage your responsibilities to meet deadlines. You might do mistakes, but your experience will furnish your work ethics so that your future employer won’t have any problem with you.

Real Business Skills

You might appear the perfect candidate on your CV but that doesn’t say all about you. Employers give the least importance to the number of honours you have graduated with. Rather companies are more interested in knowing your achievements and how great an asset you could be to an organization.

If you let your employer know about your eagerness to join them and learn different things won’t always guarantee the job. If there is a candidate who is more qualified than you are, the chances of you being selected are lower.

You must aim to at least finish one internship. If you got at least one internship experience, you will have an advantage over other candidates and that would keep you outstanding in the eyes of the employer during an interview.


Employers usually look for candidates who can easily transit from students to full-time employees and for an experience as an intern is valuable. This gives you an upper hand over your contemporaries who do not have any real-world experience. The employer doesn’t like to invest time in training their full-time employees.

The fact is that your grades give you an upper edge but that won’t give the guarantee about a job. With an A grade you might receive appreciations from friends and family, but at an interview, what matters is an experience as an intern.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance for the day. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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