Top 7 List Of In-demand Jobs For 2018

There are lots of in-demand jobs for 2018 and if you are looking for a career change then this article is for you. Let us see various options available for you:

Job Opportunities for 2018:

1) Fitness Trainer

One of the best jobs in 2018 is none other than the profile of a fitness trainer. Health and fitness have become the main concerns today especially among the youth. Therefore trainers can get lots of clients and design their diet plan and train them efficiently to achieve their fitness goals. You just need to be a certified fitness trainer with good knowledge, communication skills and having an excellent body is an added advantage. With good experience and knowledge, you can earn up to 5 lac per annum or you can even become a celebrity trainer.

2) Occupational Therapist Assistant Job Opportunities for 2018

This career has lots of jobs in 2018 available to you. Their profile is to deal with licensed therapists for applying therapy plans for patients and assisting the patients to rejuvenate from injury or illness along with strengthening and developing their physical ability like eating, moving, walking, personal hygiene, etc. You need to acquire an associates degree from a reputed institute and get yourself licensed to work as a therapist assistant. You will earn about 50K to 60K per month on an average.

3) Personal Financial Advisor

If you have good knowledge about financial investments which will give good profit and you are strong in maths then this profile is the best for you. Most of the clients need such financial investment advisors to guide them regarding long-term planning. You can also pursue this job as a self-employed person. You just need to have a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or any similar area. Depending on your client you can earn about 50000 to 1 lac Rs per month.

4) Computer Software Engineer

This profile demands lots of candidates as there are lots of vacancies for this jobs in 2018. There are lots of startups and big MNCs who are searching for innovative, creative developers and software engineers for refining and designing the computer programs. Task-specific programs or apps are developed by Software engineers and they also work on the devices and networks which support the system. You need to complete a bachelor’s degree in computer science along with excellent programming skills will fetch you a job with a starting salary of about 30,000 Rs and it also depends on the company.

5) Registered Nurse

This profession has an increased demand recently in a health care field and it has excellent career opportunities for someone in assisting the patients. They are not just limited to hospitals and clinic but also in schools, agencies and much more. You need to attain a bachelor’s degree in nursing and must have the license to practice the same and on an average, you can earn about 30000 to 50000 Rs per month.

6) Pharmacy Technician

The medical industry is not just limited with nurse and doctors but also with pharmacy tech where you need not deal with patients directly. They provide the medications which are prescribed by the doctor. This job in 2018 has an excellent scope. You need to acquire a high school diploma and a certification of a pharmacy technician. You can earn up to 50000 Rs per month.

7) Biomedical Engineer

STEM and medical industry join hands together in Biomedical engineering. There are lots of medical equipment, software, devices, and computer systems are developed by these engineers. This job is in demand for 2018 and shapes the way doctors treat and diagnose their patients. Just acquire a bioengineering or biomedical engineering degree and you will earn in lacs in this job profile.

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