Important Tips: Preparation For Campus Placement

Are you planning for campus placements? Here we share with some definitive step-by-step guide by which you can pace your preparation scale. Hope this blog helps with preparation for campus placement in your career.

Smiling with confidence and preparation are the pillars of your journey. And that’s what we are trying to mention today, through a journey which most job aspirants go through in college or campus placements.

Preparation Tips for Campus Placements

1. Soft skill tests:

A skill assessment test, in form of an aptitude gathering exercise, is the first step in most of the campus placement exercises. Be it an on page exercise or a computer-aided test, but to be flawless, one must practice hard.

Here we share 5 basic steps you need for your preparation:

1. Know what the test is about:

Usually, aptitude tests and skill assessment exercises cover the following areas:

Communication Skills (English)

Logical Reasoning

Quantitative Ability

Domain knowledge

b. Get opinions:

c. Practice. A lot:

d. Work on core subjects, equally:

e. Take Feedback seriously:

2. Group Discussion:

Through a group discussion, in a campus placement exercise, a lot can be understood about the candidate. Here we share some tips on that

a. Clarity of thoughts:

Understand a situation, work logically and present it adequately are the three traits you need to showcase in this case. An essential necessity for campus placement.

b. Improve your communication skills:

c. Address issues in details:

Acknowledge to self that everyone in the group has something important to say and add to the thing you’re working on.

3. Panel Interview:

An essential round with the GD, the core component is that you will be facing a set of interviewers, who are ready to interact with you. The approach is a little formal in tone, vis a vis the group discussion.

This is how you prepare for it:

a. Clarity in thoughts:

Work towards a clear thinking pattern.

b. Work on Interview preparation tips

c. Safeguard against common interview blunders:

These include:

Less research

Body language missteps

Non-verbal cues

Not good communication skills

Personal presentation

4. Technical Round:

The technical round is the specific assessment to showcase how good you are as a candidate, with your languages and what you could exactly bring to the job at hand. You could do the following:

a. Background research:

Begin with the areas or domains that the company works on and the challenges it can face in terms of products or services. Explore Quora, Glassdoor and other sources for interview experiences with the company or its closest competitors. This is very much essential before you go for campus placement.

b. Practice coding challenges:

Work on multiple practice sets for these:

Q&A Trivia Sessions

Take Home Coding Challenges

Pair Programming

White boarding

Depending on Quora inputs, you can think about practicing for technical rounds with Project Euler, Interview cake, and You can also do some mock whiteboard exercises.

c. Prep your Interview strengths:

At the technical interview there is an interview format; done face to face, online, on video or telephonically. You should know your strength and prepare for it.

5. HR Interview:

The HR interview is the final stage, and convincing the HR personnel, checking you for probable red flags, that you’re the best fit for the role at hand.

a. Background research

Research the job role, the company, its market, products and close competitors, and also the general domain in which it exists. Next apply that knowledge to your HR interview, by showing how involved and enthused you’re about the current opportunity.

b. Prepare for common interview questions

You need to prepare for the common interview questions so that you don’t need to get trouble there.

c. Keep your things in order:

A day before the interview, get ready for all your documents, your interview attire, the last moment revision of notes. Be positive! Remain positive!

With this, we conclude. Hope our blog helps you for campus placement and helps you in your career. Stay connected with us at career advice for more career guidance tips.

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