Highest Paying Jobs In Sales And Marketing In 2019

There are lots of people who actually want to buy and sell their products and it is very much possible which actually implies the fact that there is a need for sales and digital marketing agency jobs in sales and marketing in 2019. This is quite obvious that there are lots of highest paying jobs in sales and marketing in the year 2019. On average, the salary for a sales job is around Rs 40000 with extra packages in specialized fields.

Top Jobs in Sales and Marketing.

Digital Media:

Nowadays people don’t read newspaper apart from that the usage of TV, radio is also decreasing steadily because the world is switching towards digital media. Laptops, phones, tablets etc. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc are few of the media platforms where we all spend a lot of time.

There are new media platforms which help in spreading the news on a broader prospect. There is a need for the right people to give away promotional space and advertising to the companies. On an average, such a professional would earn around Rs 45000. You will be aware of all the brands online.

Financial products:

There are a few brands that need to generate more money by investing in financial products like retirement funds and investment, shares, and insurance. On an average such professional earn around Rs 45000.

It is one of the best options to take up jobs in sales and marketing in 2019. This is definitely a wise idea for media lovers.


It is a known fact that most of the companies depend on software to run their daily task and annual global software spending has increased to 340 billion dollar mark.

For instance, a very good understanding of the technology of what you are selling and the ability to know the advantages of the software can be easily understood by them.


Massive money and huge competition are involved in the pharmaceutical sales industry. The one-trillion-dollar mark has been broken in the year 2014 by the global pharmaceutical market.

Therefore pharmaceutical companies are very much competitive which actually requires determined mindset along with very good product knowledge. On an average, such professionals will get a salary of about Rs 48000.


Networking or security are few of the telecommunications products demanded by large corporations at a very good rate.

There is an excellent opportunity over here for salespeople with the technical background to earn big buckets and earn a salary of around Rs 50000 which is expected to enhance at a very good rate in the near future.

Sales directors:

From the top of the sales ladder, the view is quite excellent there just elevate yourself.

From the daily sales to a more strategic role can pay very good with sales directors in the fields like consumer goods, IT& T, and industrial B2B services along with on-target earnings.


At a shop floor level, it is regarded as an underrated occupation, you will get as per your loyalty, duration, performance.

On an average, you will earn around Rs 4.00,000 per year. Refer to the list of above jobs in marketing and sales and choose anyone wisely.

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