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Everybody is unique and will fit in the jobs best suited for them. A good job is something which provides a good salary, provide challenging situation, groom skills, experience, and knowledge or provide an opportunity to advance in your career and maintain a work-life balance. The scope of the job must also be considered as per the situation. Statistician, software developer, physician, dentist, assistant, and orthodontist are few of the top-ranked careers offering Highest Paying Jobs In 2019. You can also visit various job search websites which will give you options to explore careers that pay well. Let us see some of the highest Paying Jobs and other more specific career rankings:

1) Software developers:

There are lots of technologies that are programmed and developed by software developers. For example, the app that sings, talks, buzzes you out as an alarm every time before you wake up, etc all these apps are developed by software developers. Nowadays usage of computer is available everywhere it is used in shops, academic purpose, office, social media, music, and personal calendar. You may also computers for lunch shopping, check your bank balance, account transfer. This shows that most of the software developers work behind developing such technologies which are quite important today. There are lots of industries which offers top best jobs for the software developers. The median salary of such professionals is Rs 60,000. The unemployment rate in this field is 1.9% and the number of jobs available over here is 255,400.

2) Statisticians

The science of using data and making decisions as per the data is practiced by the Statisticians. The choice of data and the mode of collecting the data is decided by them. It’s their responsibility to design experiments, collect data, analyze and interpret the data and finally report the conclusions. This is applied to lots of fields or issues like public safety, environment, health care, and sports. The ideal thing about a statistician is they have their hands on experience everywhere. As per the industrial experts, there are lots of real-world issues that need some data analysis, interpretation, generating value-added solutions with the help of statistics. It is one of the best jobs in 2019 and has been there for lots of ages. The lead software engineer coordinator is also another career option for a data scientist. There are almost 33.8 percent job prospects for statisticians between 2016 and 2026.

3) Physician Assistants

Illnesses are diagnosed by physician assistants who develop and handle treatment plans by assisting in surgeries, perform procedures and deal with patients. Their work is the same as that of general doctor or internist but they are needed by law to practice under the guidance of a licensed physician or surgeon. This is one of the best careers that pay well. They continue to be a significant part of offering health care services they need proper training to earn experience. The employment growth of physician assistants is 37.3 percent as per the survey of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

4) Dentists

If you are looking for a job with better prospects then choose the career as a dentist where you need to deal with a patient’s gums, mouth, and teeth. Fitting dentures, extracting teeth and filling cavities are some of the duties of a dentist. There are few people who actually wish to specialize in some particular areas of oral issues and diseases to straighten teeth and deal with oral surgeries. They are helped by dental hygienists who actually clean the teeth of the patients and they are also responsible for instrument sterilization and record keeping.

5) Nurse Anesthetists

There are lots of intravenous drugs and gas inhalation can be administered by a professional nurse anesthetist for creating an environment for surgeons and other physicians to perform the surgical operations. At the time of Civil War the first anesthesia administered was chloroform now there are lots of advanced techniques to give modern anesthesia. It is quite safe and easier when compared to older techniques. After that, the procedures can be completed with ease without any pain or discomfort. The difference between nurse anesthetist and anesthesiologist is a qualification. Registered nurses can practice as Nurse anesthetists with at least one year of intensive care experience and a post-graduate degree for two years. There has been a 16.2 % growth in job prospects for nurse anesthetists between 2016-2026. This is one of the top best jobs in 2019.

6) Orthodontist

Improper bites and askew teeth are major issues today dealt with by Orthodontist who is dental specialists. An orthodontic program can examine the patient’s mouths and jaws for a two-fold purpose of assisting patients to achieve and deal with proper functional jaws while also adding beauty to their smiles. They ideally prefer retainers, braces and other appliances to straighten and rectify the teeth to prevent from bites. During the time period, 2016 to 2026 the job prospects growth is about to increase by 19.3%.

7) Nurse Practitioners

This is one of the tops among the list of high paying careers. It is also regarded as advanced practice registered nurses (APRN). This additional qualification will actually provide the experience to gather patient history, perform physical exams, analyze lab results, prescribe medicines and educate patients and families on forgoing care. Women’s health or pediatrics are the specialization field for Nurse practitioners. It is an opportunity for them to work in academia or research. They get a six-digit salary and there has been an excellent growth in job prospects from 2016 and is expected to grow till 2026.

These are some careers that offer lucrative salary packages. So based on your interest you can opt for any of the above careers that Highest Paying Job In 2019.

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