How EQ Is More Important Than IQ in Making Career

Our society emphasizes a lot on intelligence. Hence in school, grades play significance to your overall development. Today at career advice, we share a thought about the significance of EQ in career building.

But learning the state capitals and knowing calculus is essential for college days and early job hunting but rarely ensures any long-term success. As you get promoted and rise in your career, you need to manage people and not numbers. And to mention, people are more complex than numbers. Dealing with people needs a strong EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), which many “very smart” people don’t have.

Do you have the right EQ? Ask yourself the questions, answer them honestly, and then try to work on them if you have substantial gaps.

How Much Do I know myself?

The fact about emotional intelligence is being able to take an honest look oneself and know the capabilities and then match your career to your actual assessment. Even overestimating oneself might impact a wrong way to a business meeting. And you continue to perform those actions, no matter how harmful it is to your career.

So take a look inward, try to do see yourself as if you were an outside observer. Did you actually perfect that presentation? Assess yourself from the audience’s seat.

How Much I know Other People?

One of the most important factors of a good leader or a good businessperson is empathy. Empathy only doesn’t mean intellectual recognition of someone else’s mental state, but you need to put yourself in other’s shoes and you can well imagine how they must be feeling. It allows employees to understand the pressure over a boss from above and also entrepreneurs to understand that their customer is a real-life person and not a revenue source.

Do I Know To Influence People?

Influencing others is an act of balance. One can influence people by terrorizing them but that’s not inspiring! Having a high EQ means you have common sense in an arena and you can effectively find out how certain people must be influenced.

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