Email Tips For The Candidates Searching For Jobs

Most of the candidates search for job opportunities after careers in engineering. So while applying for jobs they fail to follow the emailing etiquettes. So here are few points to apply for your walk in interview jobs through email.

Emailing Tips for Job Seekers

Your email id should be a professional one with respect to your appropriate business eg: [email protected]. Web based email accounts are available in lots like Yahoo and Gmail. For job searching one should create an email account, as you wont confuse and mix professional email id with personal email id. It is also preferable to send mail to the contact person rather than the common inbox. You can keep a copy for yourself to know the number of jobs you have applied. Do not leave the subject empty as you are inviting yourself to spam and it would be better if you mention the profile you are applying for along with your name.

Choose a professional font

A clear font is always advisable and donot use too much of stylish and difficult to read fonts. It is good to use Arial, Times New Roman, or Cambria. Color is not advised to use. Ideal size of the font is 10 to 12 thereby it is legible to read for the employer.

Consider it as a business letter

Dont consider it as a normal mail, use the format of business letters while generating mails. It should have words, slang or emoticons, and not acronyms. Keep all the sentences completed. The general format is start with a salutation and end with send-off and signature. In the business letter you need to include the date, employer’s contact and your information at the top left corner.

Keep it Brief

Do not write big emails as there are no much time allocated for reading a particular and therefore it is always good to keep it to the point and brief.

Include a Signature

Your contact information when combined with your email signature would make it easier for the hiring manager to contact you. It is also good to provide link to your LinkedIn profile for providing details on your skills and abilities. There are lots of job openings in Pune for fresher software engineer to make your career in this field.

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