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Dr. Mandar Abhyankar Director Of CRBtech Group

After a successful stint in the field of Medicine, Dr. Mandar Abhyankar who is now the proud owner and M.D. of CRBtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., has played a pivotal role in a number of projects/endeavours across domains such as IT, R&D etc., till date.

A few of them include research and development in ‘Drug Delivery System’ through the airway route, the Inhaler preparation project and Herbal Cosmetics specific intensive research work. All of this, while he was active in the field of medicine. All in all, Dr. Abhyankar’s contribution towards the health-care and Clinical Research industry has been significant.

Today, he is successfully running a corporate training and career development company in CRBtech.

Moving on to his stint with the field of IT, Dr. Mandar Abhyankar happens to be the brainchild behind the development of a VB embedded ERP system. The purpose was to enable easy copying and accessing of research data from and into an Excel file. That reflects his deep knowledge and understanding in a field like Information Technology.

Other of his works includes programming and development in languages such as Visual Basic, Python, PHP, Perl, C, and C++.

In addition to this,

Dr. Mandar Abhyankar essayed an important role in protocol drafting and business generation, during his association with a popular publication house.

Not to forget his involvement in designing of the TCMS i.e. Traffic Control Management System software.

Truly a multi-talented personality with a progressive career that is still going strong!

The CRBtech story

CRBtech happens to be an important chapter in the career of Dr. Abhyankar. It was written in 2001, the year of its establishment and foundation. Since then, he has been the driving force and the support behind its success.

After CRBtech was started in May 2001 in Mumbai, a branch was opened in Pune in 2005. In 2006, it was made to be the head office. Come 2015, and CRBtech saw an expansion with an office set up in the state of Gujarat, Ahmedabad. This is the proof of CRBtech’s steady growth for all these years.

CRBtech is a venture of the Annex Group of companies. Experts from diverse fields in the industry happen to be an integral part of this ISO Certified 9001:2008 certified company.

Dr. Mandar Abhyankar’s futuristic vision, guidance and able leadership has taken CRBtech to one of the top positions in the market today.

CRBtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., your trusted training and career development partner provides services like,

– Contract based staffing

– Customized induction and employee training programmes for its clients

– Permanent recruitment and more….

with values like integrity, commitment, teamwork, reliability and loyalty to its core.

CRBtech has ventured into this domain with the aim to offer the aspirants desired knowledge and skills, to help them transform into sought after professionals.

In the current times, it is no more restricted to just technical knowledge or job related skills. The overall personality is what matters the most. CRBtech understands this fact very well, and focuses on the same as a part of its training and placement programmes.

What Makes CRBtech Stand Out?

– Overall personality development of the trainee is the prime focus

– A specially designed soft skill module in place, for this very purpose

– Teaching the ‘programming behind programming’ or the ‘engineering behind engineering’, is the primary motive of team CRBtech

– The ultimate objective is to transform trainees into a complete professional

In short, the motto is to make you job/career ready!

CRBtech Ventures:-

Under ‘CRBtech group of companies’, the organization has ventured into diverse domains as follows..

– CRBneo:

CRBneo, a mobile based app solution developed by CRBtech, that caters the job aspirants by providing them with job interview calls and interview guidance as well.

– I Brand:

Under this venture, CRBtech offers exclusive brand and perception building solutions for its clients, as a part of Digital Marketing and web design and development services.

– Haul+:

One of the latest ventures of CRBtech, Haul+ specializes in the areas of Talent Acquisition & Human Capital management.

– TechTrail:

Being an online magazine from CRBtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., and published on a monthly basis, it

focuses mainly on technologists, tech-savvy people and technology.

– CRBtech Publications:

CRBtech aspires to come up with more of such in the near future!

Thanks to the ceaseless efforts of our inspiration Dr. Mandar Abhyankar, CRBtech continues to grow and flourish with each passing day!!!

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