What Are The Dos And Don’ts On First Day At Work

The first day of work is so exciting and also full of nervousness. You don’t know anyone there and also you are new to the surroundings. After applying for a job and going through a tough interview and competitions, there comes the first day at the office and you need to stay calm. There are some dos and don’ts which you must know on the first day at work. To know more about, keep reading!


Appear decently dressed

On the first day, you must not know about the dress guidelines, but it is wise to dress in formals. And you must also gradually know about the dress code, if any and follow them strictly.

Introduce yourself

It’s good to create a short and a lucid introduction for yourself who would help you, meet and greet with other employees and staff. In some companies, the team you are joining gives your brief introduction; if they don’t then you have to.

Read well your orientation documents

You are there for work and that should be your priority. Read the orientation documents carefully and also put efforts to understand your job role in the office.

Be friendly but not about socializing

It’s good to be friendly and polite to everyone. That shows your positivity. But too much socializing on your first day at work could be harmful.

Observe your surrounding

You must actually observe how things go around at your workplace. This would assist you to gel in with the office environment and understand your job role better.

Ask Questions

After making an observation and if there are any doubts, ask questions from your immediate senior. You can make a list of questions and ask them at one go, instead of bothering them, then and now.

Learn your co-worker’s name

It might be difficult on the first day at work, but you have to start learning the names of your immediate seniors and colleagues who sit adjacent to you or with whom you are to work closely.


Never be late

It’s your first day at work and will also give them your first impression.

Request for leaves

You might have some vacations planned. But make sure, once you join a company, you must not ask for leave immediately.

Suggesting your way of doing things

It’s wise to not to come up with work suggestions on the very first day. If no work is given, just sit and relax. And when once a job is assigned, then you can share your plans of execution.

Don’t decorate your workplace on the first day

You might have your ways to decorate your workplace, your desk. But do not attract attention or criticism on the first day. There is more time to do that.

Be busy with your phone

Yes, you must not spend more time on your phone. Also, keep your phone in silence to maintain office decorum.

Send friend requests to everyone around

You could be a social media freak, but do not send everybody friend request around you on the first day or very soon.

No office politics

Practically, office politics are real. And you might be tempted to take a side or another. But no, you must not. Stay neutral.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance about how to behave on the first day at work. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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