The Disadvantages Of Becoming A Software Engineer In India

Several decades ago what started as mere calculating device now has become an academic specialization. Yes, we are talking about computers. And today’s blog post at career advice is about the disadvantages to work as a software engineer. Choosing the right career is essential and also knowing about the disadvantages.

Software Engineering as a field is evolving every day. Hence you need to be updated and keep yourself upgraded with its dynamism. And this is the real challenge, where their job appears to be so lucrative and their life so easy and glamorous, mainly with a good salary package. And to get an upper hand in your career, you could opt for an MBA degree too.

Here we share the disadvantages of being a software engineer in India:

IT companies are the leaders when it comes to campus selections. They would hire thinking about the several projects you need to handle at a time. The entire zeal of getting a job vanish no sooner your work starts.

The software engineers have to work with their immediate managers and that makes things difficult at times.

Software engineers have to always communicate updates and plans between the teams and clients. And need to keep revolving around the conference rooms.

And you simply can’t think about skipping the meetings. The meetings are held to bring across the employees together and they get a chance to showcase your talent in front of audience and seniors.

You are just a resource. If you won’t give your hard work you will be shown the exit gate. It is true that there are several people who are eager to take an IT job at a low salary.

They6 might approach with updated knowledge which you must have missed, being too busy working with the outdated knowledge.

Being workaholic can lead to lesser energy.

You have to do lots of coding, not only in your work but for other’s project too. And a programmer knows how difficult it is to erase the codes created by someone and do the entire debugging task.

And as there are no tight deadlines, hence you can always update yourself with the new happenings so that if yours senior discuss the same with you, you do not appear vague.

To forget special dates.

Now to work in shifts for clients who are offshore will affect your working hours. This says that the time when your friends and family will be enjoying party or leisure, you will be working on a project. And to miss out important dates of anniversaries is so obvious.

Whatever time you get, you need to de-stress yourself or calm your nerves.

And you can’t even think about working less. No matter how much you try, work will get overloaded.

Health, you might forget about it.

For a software engineer, the only thing to know about is his or her laptop. With continuous call with clients offshore, it’s easy to get sleep disturbances and eventually that might hamper your health.

Here comes the use of ergonomic devices and tools that makes your professional life better and less painful. If you do not take care of your health initially, you might need a surgical remedy.

So next time you come across a software engineer, taking a walk in your neighborhood park, know that he must be breathing fresh air after several days of work and no fun.

To conclude, not to get panicky but the utter reality is that there is a darker side to otherwise a lucrative appearing profession. There is great hope and immense success as a software engineer, only you must not fall into a pitfall. Stay aware and remember the points we mentioned here.

And after successfully facing the challenges, it’s always with a good return.

With this, we conclude our today’s discussion. To mention, choosing the right career is significant, so you need to be quite careful in your endeavour.

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