Should You Cover Up Tattoos And Piercings For Interviews?

A decade ago job seekers had to desperately remove piercings and cover up tattoos before any important interview. Even today when we say much about individuality and self-expression, yet the scenario hasn’t changed at all or did it? To know, keep reading this blog at career advice.


What annoys about such questions is that it’s difficult to provide a definite answer. Policies on piercing and tattoos vary between companies, industries, and the workplaces so it is hard to answer in plain yes or no. Though we can hope that mindsets have broadened to understand that one’s appearance doesn’t reflect abilities, it appears that such perceptions are hard to believe.

Supporting piercing and tattoos in workplace

Many companies currently believe that not hiring based on their body art is obsolete and reaffirms prejudices. A researcher Andrew Timming at St Andrews University laid an argument that a change in attitudes is unavoidable. With celebrities bringing body piercings and tattoos into the mainstream culture and inclining towards a liberal view on the matter, Timming says that employers have to accept that people with tattoos are essential to the society.

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Against tattoos and piercings in the workplace

There are always two sides of an argument. A research conducted by Acas reveals that some employers are still reluctant to hire people with visible tattoos in case this annoys the clients and customers. The key argument is based on the image of the companies. In most cases, employers worry that hiring an individual with body art might put the wrong impression to clients.


Every company varies in opinion. It is advisable to check the companies’ website to know their dress code policy before you appear for the interview.

What is your opinion? Should employers discriminate or they be punished for discriminations?

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