Cover Letter Keys That Will Get You Hired

You might write a very good resume, perform well in an interview, and confirm that you have a good online presence as well. But what dreads is a cover letter. Here at career advice, we share some cover letter tips.

Cover letters could be a real torture, and it seems there are several ways to screw them up. It could be too formal or informal; too long or short or too much information or quite vague.

So here we list 8 most important tips that would help you in your endeavor.

1. Describe a problem

The question is what problem they have and your hiring can solve it? A very tricky thing it is.

Suppose a company in its job description mentions a pain point and need a solution. E.g., if a company is hiring a content writer for content marketing which also causes branding; then they need quality content as a solution. And you need to mention the same in few sentences in your cover letter.

2. Maintain your focus on the company

The major part of your cover letter must be illustrating to the employer how hiring you would benefit their company. Also focus on the pain point: Mention your talents and skills that would help the organization as well.

3. Don’t recite your resume

Never use your cover letter to rewrite your resume. Your cover letter to expand things which resume do not mention in details.

4. Use Figures

Often the cover letters are vague in describing any noticeable achievements. What you miss is mentioning your achievements in counts, so you need to add numbers and statistics is a good way to stand out.

5. Short introduction

Always remember never to mention unnecessary mentions or too much detailing about your achievements. Here a crisp idea about what to include:

  • Mention the skill you’re highlighting.

  • Explain a situation where your skill was of help. This would show rather prove your character.

6. It must relate to the job profile

You mustn’t write anything different from the tangent. You should know what you are applying for and your cover letter must be relevant to that.

7. Start with a memorable opening line

A hiring manager already knows your name from your application and also the position you’re applying for.You need not repeat that.Write something about yourself that would intrigue by our hiring officer.

So stat with a good but short quote to describe yourself as a professional or as a person.

Now we conclude, hope this piece if the information at career advice, would help you while applying for jobs both at entry level engineering jobs or as an experience holder. The above-mentioned tips are helpful to every candidate seeking for a job and where you need to send a resume to apply.

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