Career Guidance: Most Common Yet Important Telephonic Interview Questions

Is there any phone interview, coming up? Well, no worries read through our today’s blog about telephonic interview questions, in career advice and crack the interviews. During a phone interview, there are some questions which are likely to be asked and practicing them can help you feel confident and be ready to get over the interviewer’s questions; so that you can move on to the next level of the process.

Let’s start with some telephonic interview questions & the best answers:

1: Tell me about yourself?

This is an obvious telephonic interview questions.

Be concise, take only 2 minutes or less to answer.

To answer, mention about your recent career (employment history, or academic career if you have just graduated).

Tell how you earned an interested in this field, or how you got began on this career path. And finish your story with the current situation.

Also, highlight accomplishments and achievements. Anything worth mentioning, even key job changes, if any.

2: How you learned about us?

A very simple question and the best answers would be straight-forward and clear.

Here are examples of some good answers:

  • Through online researching

  • You were familiar before you started job searching

  • You discovered them in a press release or news article

  • A colleague told you

  • A recruiter contacted you

3: What you know about our company?

The best answers will show your knowledge and prove that you did some research before applying for the job.

Employers want to hire someone, who has some idea about the company. They want someone who is applying with a reason and wants to work in the company.

Here are some of the best answers to the questions:

  • How many employees they have?

  • Who is their CEO?

  • When and why were they founded?

  • Mention about their mission.

  • Their product or service and what type of customers they deal with.

4: Why are you searching a job?

If you’re unemployed, be honest and say as it is. But always have a good reason for why you want this particular job. Employers should feel like you want their job, not just any other job.

If you’re presently employed but also job searching to find something better, keep it positive. Don’t speak negative about your current job or employer, and also don’t talk about the bad things you’re finding ways to escape or get away from. Remain positive and concentrate on what you’d love to gain by changing jobs.

5: Why this position interests you?

Just like the question 4, above, the interviewer wants to find out your real reason for wanting the specific job.

If you can’t answer well, you aren’t going to get hired for a good job. Invest your time and effort into preparing an answer to this question; it’s so worth of it.

6: What other jobs have are you looking at?

A lot of job seekers panic at this point, but this common interview question is quite easy to answer.

They ask this to make sure their job fits the general theme of what you’re looking for.

Your answer would worry them or raise a “red flag” if all the other jobs you’re applying are different than this job.

7: How were your interviews been going so far?

Another scary but common telephonic interview questions. Most of the time, they just want to get a sense of how your job search is going. In general, the one thing you shouldn’t sound like you’re struggling, annoyed, or not getting interviews.

You can always say that you have just started to take interviews, but it’s going well so far, and you are excited about how things are looking.

8: Tell about your current or most recent job. What did you do?

For this interview question, be ready to answer with some specific accomplishments, and details.

Tell about what you learned, the technologies or tools you worked with. What results you helped your company or group to achieve.

One of the important answers you would give, and this one single answer can often decide if you get to the next round or not.

9: What are your salary expectations?

Never give a number here. If you say a number which is too high, you’ll scare them off. If you go too low, you’ll hurt your negotiating chances later.

Here’s the best answer:

Say that you don’t have a specific number in mind. Currently, you are focused on finding the position that’s the best fit for your skills and career. Once done with that, you would consider it an offer you feel is fair for the role.

10: When could you start?

This is a tricky and essential telephonic interview questions. If you’re employed, it’s a good idea to give a notice to your current employer.

Don’t feel pressure to say immediately.

In fact, most employers would take you negatively if you don’t give a proper notice period to your present company. Because that would question your professional ethics.

11: What questions do you have for me?

Always have the following telephonic interview questions to ask. Ask them about the following:

  • Salary

  • Working hours

  • Benefits

  • Anything else not related to the actual work that you would be doing

Hope you like today’s blog about skills in answering telephonic interviews. With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance tips for the day. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance, news, and updates.

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