How To Choose A Job Wisely Between Two Opportunities

Generally there are this kind of situations for some candidates where he/she gets two job opportunities and doesn’t know which one to choose. So as freshers if you have two job openings then you need to follow these instructions:

1) Collect information about both the job offers

If you have got two job offers then collect the information about both the jobs like about the company, its establishment, services it provides, its reviews, gallery etc. Be prepared to face both the interviews and do not confuse both the interview with the company founder, establishments etc. Be alert, do not lose both. At the same time do ask for salary packages.

2) Compare both the offers

After you attend the interview compare the features like:


Number of personal days

Company values

Company reputation

Overall impressions



Other perks

Whether the job shapes and develops your career.

3) Check out what suits you

After identifying your requirements just decide which offer is the best suited for you. For example one of the companies may offer on site facility and you might not want to travel abroad. Whereas the other company gives you incentives once in 3 months. So you would like to choose the second one with respect to your choice.

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4) Negotiation

Out of the two, one of them is your dream company and you want to choose the same but there are certain things to be negotiated like office timings as it is far away from your place and therefore you need to negotiate for flexible schedules.

5) Listen to your invoice

Out of the two which one of them felt like nightmare, may be the rough HR or the interviewer, an office without any AC, or an office which works overtime, your manager’s attitude etc. Then decide accordingly.

6) Gracefully turn down the offer you don’t want

After deciding all the points just turn down the offer you are not willing to go with gracefully without holding any grudges and do not taunt them. Just explain the situation what you are looking for and what does your dream company offers you. All the best.

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