Careers After Post Graduation In Fields Of Arts, Science, And Commerce

In this world of competitions, it has now become quite essential to earn a post-graduation degree. There is rising demand for knowledge-based workers which made it essential that one must have an exemplary academic qualification to get the dream job. Here it is to mention, that even a Post Graduate Degree is not sufficient nowadays, to guarantee the desired career.

The question that bothers you is what to do if you are not content with your career progress even after finishing your Post Graduation? There are many options which can enhance your prospect of better career after your PG. Your final choice might depend on the stream you acquired your degree and interests. Here we share some general options which you can choose to explore.

Career after Post graduation

Enhancing the existing career: Many of you are currently employed but you are seeking an enhancement in your current industry. You must be happy with your current office and might be there for a long time. If you are trying to find betterment within the same organization then a postgraduate degree will definitely help you. Along with your degree, if you can do a quick certification course in your sector, it will be of your help.

Communicate with your HR about your new certification and submit your post graduate certificates. Often it appears that the recruitment process prefers an existing employee than any newcomer. People with sufficient experience and the required education are often preferred for the roles of general management or people management.

Campus recruitment: If you pursue post graduation courses from reputed colleges and universities, then half of your worry is removed with campus recruitment and job placement guarantees. Do your best and you could be hired by a top notch company or organization with a good salary at the beginning of your career?

If there is a guarantee of a job placement, then take the best advantage of securing your career. Some post graduation courses offer job placement in the last semester for an evaluation of a project. Put in your best effort such that the management is impressed with your hard work and express intent to continue you on the job, with them.

Public sector /Government Jobs: This is the dream of every common man. A government job offers security, unlike a private job. The appalling pension scheme and health scheme offered by the government makes it more attractive.

There are several examinations carried out by the government sector. For careers after post graduation you can try for Public sector banks, Insurance companies like the LIC, IAS, PCS, and Railways. There are also opportunities for several job positions in Police, Postal service, Defence, and Medicine.

It is a wrong notion that it is difficult to qualify these exams. With the right guidance and approach your dream of doing a government job could be a reality. There are many good organizations and institutes which offer exclusive coaching and guidance for these exams.

Private sector Jobs: The MNC jobs are quite popular among the youth today. They offer quite a good salary, options for career growth and a lavish work culture that can help with your personality development. A few popular options are listed here:

IT Sector: This offers several careers after post graduation. The organizations prefer candidates with a postgraduate degree for positions of Project managers, People Managers who can handle large teams for both onshore and offshore offices.

Sales and Marketing: This is an amazing career option and it is known that some highly reputed organizations in Telecom and FMCG prefer only candidates for a managerial position with a PG degree, most preferable being an MBA degree from a reputed institute.

Banking sector: This requires a highly qualified workforce for their several branches. You can try for positions like Branch Manager, Sales Manager, Operations Manager, or a Marketing manager which need candidates with a PG degree.

BPO/KPO sector: Quite popular option with the youngsters. Though this industry demands tedious work which involves the night shift culture, it offers several career options mainly in management.

Finance job: Every organization needs a Finance department which looks after the working capital and operational expenses. Recruitment demands candidates who have a PG degree in Finance / CA/ CS/CFA/CWA.

Human resources or HR: An emerging and popular career options which give a promise of stable work with both technical and non-technical offices. The candidate must have a post-graduation degree in HR.

Digital Marketing: This is an emerging area and ample job opportunities. A very dynamic industry, where anything you learn today going to be obsolete after some years, say three years, down the line. You can earn between INR 20,000 – 50,000 just after your post graduation.

Jobs Abroad: A PG degree in any stream is rewarded abroad as the college education there is quite expensive and only a few people opt for a higher education in the western countries. There is a huge demand for professional workforce and most of the organizations prefer to recruit candidates though not a citizen of the country. To enjoy a good careers after post graduation in abroad, you must have good communication skills as well to earn your dream.

Doctorate degrees: If you yet wish to pursue higher studies then you should opt for a doctorate degree or a Ph.D. Reputed institutes offer a degree with duration of 2- 3 years. If you have a UG degree in medicine, law, and engineering, you can opt for an entrance exam to get enrolled for doctorate courses.

With this, we conclude. Stay connected with us for more career guidance tips and both engineering and non-engineering, career advice and updates.

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