Architectural Studies: Career options & Salary Packages

A degree in architectural studies generally involves coursework such as computer-aided design and drafting, math, architectural history, and geology. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, as well as job and salary information for graduates.

If you want to make your career in architecture then you need to take up a degree related to architect where you need to study in detail about drafting, computer-aided design, architectural history, math, and geology. After earning a degree in architecture you will work with diversified options like landscape architect, urban and regional planner. The placement of industrial areas, roads, and houses are done by regional and urban planners.

Career Options

If the candidate has an interest in architect related studies then it is important they must be analytical, creative, and proficient in using computer software. Let us see various architect related career options in detail:


If you want to make your career as an architect then you need to design buildings and other structures as per the client specifications. Apart from that, you need to consider the topography, location, surrounding structural styles etc. Architects must also deal with labor costs, estimated time oversight bidding, construction etc. Architects may need to work on estimates of time, labor costs and coordinate construction to the project via oversight permission and construction.

Architects can either choose to work independently or work for small architectural firms. It is important to pursue a master’s degree in architectural studies after completing a bachelor’s degree. After gaining 4 years of experience you are eligible to apply for a post in National Architectural Accrediting Board by attempting the Architect Registration Examination. Salary of such professionals would be Rs 40,000 per month.

Landscape Architect

The best design is certified by a Landscape Architect especially in the open areas of a project. They monitor and estimate the design and budgets for the project in maintaining the current projects that are yet to be completed. If you are interested in making any plant or site proposals then you need to take into account the soil, topography, and climate. They must manage the project until the design has been completed. Such professionals are also responsible for environmental impact and remediation work.

You are eligible for the Landscape Architect Registration Exam after completing your Master’s of Landscape Architecture and earning a work experience of about 4 years. A Landscape architect would earn a salary of Rs 60,000 per month.

Urban and Regional Planner

The development of rural, urban, and suburban areas are managed by the regional and urban planners. Apart from that they also focus on commercial areas, placement of nursing, and transportation networks. There are lots of urban planners who work for local governments and they suggest ideal ways for further development without any impact on the water resources.

They must be aware of zoning codes, building and review overall growth guidelines and land-use plans. After acquiring certification in the master’s degree such professionals draw a salary of Rs 50,000 per month.

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