List Of Career Options In Obstetrics Nursing

A very important and significant role performed in a hospital is played by obstetrics nurses career options in obstetrics nursing. They deal with pregnant women during the delivery period and take care of newborn babies. Such nurses are registered nurses and they work at hospitals. It is necessary to acquire specialization in nursing to become this professional.

Let us see various career options in obstetrics nursing:

Nurse Midwife :

If you are specialized in obstetric care then you would have helped in various deliveries. You can specialize further to become a certified nurse midwife and provide child care as a senior professional. These are primary caretakers and play a prime role in gynecological various career options. They assist in delivering infants, offer prenatal care and offer care to the women before and after birth. They find themselves best suited in a free-standing birth center or a hospital. Such professionals must acquire a bachelor’s degree and acquire nurse license, then acquire a master’s degree.

Nurse Anesthetist :

The work of nurse anesthetists is gaining popularity and to become this professional it is required to take up additional training. Nurse aesthetics provide care related to the pain during labor or other medical surgeries. They must understand such procedures and in-depth knowledge of anesthesia and other medications. Such professionals will monitor the patient’s anesthesia level and how long they need it. It is necessary to acquire a bachelor’s degree and then complete a master’s degree program. They must also clear National Certification Exam of the National Board for Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists.

Obstetrics/Gynecology Physician :

To become an obstetrician or gynecologist, some obstetrics nurses must pursue additional education. They are a pioneer in offering reproductive care for women. Specifically, they treat women during delivery of babies. They provide counseling in terms of reproductive and prenatal health. Well, screenings and care for obstetric cancers are provided by such professionals. It is necessary to acquire a degree from a medical school which is for a duration of 4 years. Then such professionals must clear national examination of nursing.

Neonatology Physician :

OB Nurses must earn good experience and have knowledge of dealing with infants who suffer from birth defects. Such professionals are specialized in dealing with newborns. They find themselves best suited in delivery rooms to check the status of the infants.

They also continue to provide care during the hospital stay of the mother and her child.

It is necessary to acquire a medical degree and complete a residency in pediatrics and a fellowship in neonatology to become a Neonatology Physician.

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