Career Options in Natural Resources Conservation

An undergraduate degree program is needed to make a career in environmental conservation and the main focus is on natural sciences and mathematics Career Options in Natural Resources Conservation. To know about the career options please read this blog in detail.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in natural resources conservation the candidate is eligible for the job as a range manager, forester or other jobs. There are broader opportunities ahead like choosing specialization as per your professional goals.

Essential Information:

Many natural resources conservation bachelor’s degree programs may include prerequisite coursework in ecology, animal biology, life sciences, chemistry, and statistics. Core classes within the major typically include environment and society, forestry techniques, natural resources management, wildlife habitats, and global environmental issues.

If you want to make your career in environmental studies then it is necessary to earn an undergraduate degree in natural resources conversation. There are various conservation degree programs which provide various concentration areas thereby opening up new horizons for the students. There are lots of career options in this field like watershed management, natural resources, land management, wildlife conversation, and parks management. Such professionals must be flexible in working outdoors and in remote locations. Let us see various career options:

1) Forester:

Foresters need to collaborate with government officials and landowners for securing the protect and conserve forested locations. There are various conservation techniques employed by the Foresters like controlling the harvest of trees, tree disease rates, control of newly planted trees, wildlife damage is restricted. They also provide suggestions to the landlords regarding natural resources conservation and profitable investments. The highest average annual salaries in 2015 were around Rs 75000 per month.

2) Range Manager:

Such professionals need to work in various ecosystems and climates like soil, animals, water, and minerals. Workers can make recommendations for effectively making use of rangeland without affecting natural resources. There are lots of managers who can make recommendations to enhance rangelands by teaching the rebuilding techniques. The average salary of such professionals is Rs 70,000 per month and there is an estimated growth of 7% in the future.

The eligibility criteria for the above two positions are graduates of conversation programs and natural resources. Both careers need a great deal of outdoor work and experience in environmental science. The minimum qualification needed for such positions is a bachelor’s degree and there might be a need for specialization in wildlife conservation, land management or parks management.

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