Top Career Options After Graduation In Life Sciences And Biology

There are numerous Career Options After Graduation in the field of biology and life science for people interested in studying, protecting and preserving various kinds of wildlife and natural resources. These careers vary in education requirements and job duties. Below are some of the options available to those interested in pursuing biology and life science careers.

There are lots of career options after a degree in life science and biology. Candidates who have an interest in preserving, protecting and studying about lifestyle and natural resources. The job description and educational requirements of the following career options are different. Let us see them in detail:

Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists:

Such professionals specialize an in-depth study of a particular animal and its ecosystem. This study is about the animal’s physical characteristic, behavior, animal habitat. They submit their report to the scientific community and public via reports and presentations. Wildlife biologists, zoologists will require a master’s or Ph.D. or at least a bachelor’s degree. Extensive knowledge of biology is needed to become a Zoologists or Wildlife Biologists.


Such professionals study in detail about viruses, bacteria, parasites, algae etc. This profile demands the knowledge of microorganisms life cycle, interactions by observations and experiments. Such reports will lead to medical advancement like new vaccines, new drugs. If you want to become a Microbiologists then you must have a bachelor’s degree but ideally, a doctorate degree is considered for conducting independent research.

Conservation Scientists:

The main quality of this professional is to use background knowledge in biology and life science to deal with and conserve natural resources. They may need to manage rangelands, forests, parks and more. All the activities must be done as per the government regulations and work towards conserving natural resources.

Biochemists and Biophysicists:

If you want to work as a Biophysicists or a Biochemists then you must work in the lab to understand the knowledge o biological processes and various properties of heredity and cell division. They need to work on complex research and experiments. Then they need to submit their consolidated report in research papers, technical reports, and presentations.

Biological Technicians:

Such professionals need knowledge of biology to assist biologists or medical scientists with lots of lab experiments and tests. They must have complete notes about the procedures which are then analyzed on a later stage. Such professionals must have a bachelor’s degree at the least with years of working experience in a lab setting.

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