Career Opportunities For Computer Science Engineers

Since over a decade, IT technology is considered as one of the best career options globally. This stream offers a variety of exciting employment opportunities the best companies worldwide, a job in computer science sector is actually the next best thing to a government job. In case you are pursuing this field, and looking for jobs in information technology, here we share top 5 career options for engineering students with computer science.

Scope with careers in engineering in computer science

What to do with a degree in computer science?

A graduate in computer science is good at coding skills. Programming is a primary skill which is taught to students of computer science branch; however, a CS degree teaches students also solve real-life problems. They can also opt to be designer, analyst, animator or a game developer.

Top 5 career options for computer science engineers

Software Engineering

Mostly CS graduates work as a software engineer. They are professionals who find out solutions to a number of applications in various sectors. They are not programmers though. A software engineer job includes creating designs which programmer implements. A software engineer systematically understands requirements, work with stakeholders and develop the solution as per the client’s needs. There are two kinds found in software engineering.

Application software engineers use various programming languages to customize a program after analyzing an end-user’s requirements. Today’s application software engineer uses Java, C, Objective-C, C++, Perl, and Python. For instance, a mobile app developer.

Next is a System Software Engineer, who is responsible for the creation, maintenance and expansion of an organization’s internal computer systems.

Remunerations as per, ranges about Rs.5, 00,000 (Mean Annual Salary). PayScale India states the median salary of software engineers at a slightly lesser Rs.374, 637. In the US, system software engineer earned an average of $100, 420 per year as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2011 data.

Graphic designers

They have an exciting job as they work on interesting projects and enjoy flexible work options with a good salary as well. You can opt for front-end web.

Front-end designers create the “look and feel” of websites. Along with the idea of software packages like Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver, these professionals have to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

UI Designer and UX Designer are other offshoots of the designer species which further specialize in various forms of web and application design.

Remunerations vary in accordance with the area of designing, job title, and experience. A graphic designer earns an average salary of Rs. 231,104 per year, and with specialization in web design earns little lesser with a median salary of Rs. 186, 882. Experience can fetch you a lot then this figure.

Information Security Professional

This is one of the most important fields with future’s perspective. With an amazing future promise, the industry attracts a lot of new talent. Certifications are a must.

Whether it is the Certified Ethical Hacker or the CompTIA Security+, you must have some serious intent to move ahead.

Remunerations begin with a good salary of Rs.660, 000 and goes up to Rs 2,193, 930. Even an entry-level Information security analyst earns in the range of Rs.303, 401 to INR 1,225,543.

Software Testing

A software tester has the task of improving the quality of the application. A quality analyst must have knowledge of the entire software development lifecycle as software testing is necessary for every phase of product life cycle, from requirement specifications, coding, to design.

A good software tester must know about tools like QTP, Load runner, and several others. Experience, well training and practice are adequate to teach the skills. The industry has so many opportunities for automation and performance testers. Along with a degree in computer science, the employers expect certifications from ASQ, QAI, and ISTQB on the resume for the best positions.

As per PayScale India data, the average median salary for software testers is Rs. 317, 248. Glassdoor puts the average salary in the equal range. To mention, these figures show only for the entry-level positions.

Mobile Application Developer

Smartphone have led to the rise of the growing market of mobile apps, and with this, there is a rise of Mobile app developers. Candidates, with a degree in computer science and programming skills mobile app development can make a fresh start as a career makeover. With a surge in market demands for apps running on iOS, Android or any other OS that will power the next generation smart devices, IT professionals with skills in Java, C++, C and native app development are the commodities in the job market.

For all their expertise and hard work, mobile app developers are paid in gold. A fresher in this field can earn a median salary of INR 353,904. (PayScale) This being a relatively new field, the growth opportunities are immense.

So it’s clear that a computer science engineer can be more than the usual knowledge of “software engineer” and with all comfort and security of a good salary.

With this, we conclude. Hope this piece of information helps you.

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